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How to install a granite countertop? Practical tips and ideas

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A granite countertop is the optimum choice for your kitchen. It is hard, durable to scratches, water, grease and many stains. Moreover, the aftercare is simple with LTP Clear Wax – for shining the polished surfaces. Granite countertops have a wide color variation, from black granite up to the beautifully colored granite and from dark blue granite, up to light color granite.



Following production and transport (essential, since there is a risk of breakage in the cut-out areas) the countertop must be installed. It is recommended to work with experts for installing countertops in complex kitchens and countertops with more than one cut-out. However, you could also install the countertop by yourself with on-site cut-outs, by following the next steps:

  1. Checking the right angles on wall joints. If necessary, load walls or adjust countertop.
  2. Installing the support furniture (cabinets, brackets), then attach it to walls and floors. Keep in mind the large weight of natural stone countertop, so you will require durable supports.
  3. Checking for a smooth surface with the spirit level.
  4. Making a 1:1 cardboard template for countertop, indicating clearly the areas for cut-outs.
  5. Cutting-out the cardboard after each cut-out on the countertop.
  6. Deciding on the type of finish for the edges (half-bullnose, bullnose, bevelled).
  7. Measuring again in the end for checking sizes and layout of the cut-outs and types of finishes for the edges.
  8. Processing the edges with an angle grinder fitted with abrasive disc; use different size sandpapers for finish
  9. Cutting with a diamond hole saw; later you can also finish the cut-out.
  10. Checking smoothness and vertical alignment for adjacent countertops. Adjust if needed.
  11. Applying silicone between countertop and wall (backsplash) and countertop and furniture.
  12. Install the sink and sink faucet.

These are general steps for making sure you are installing the countertop securely.

This task is not simple and requires experience with using tools and specific devices, otherwise you can damage the countertop.

How to install a granite countertop? Practical tips and ideas
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