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If you’re looking for a natural stone countertop, you have several options. The easiest and cheapest is to produce it yourself. And if you choose natural stone you will enjoy a nice, durable and inexpensive countertop. Therefore, if you have an old countertop and want to replace it with a correct and handy solution, you have the option of using natural stone tiles. The alternative is to buy a standard one-piece countertop, which looks interesting, but you need a cost comparison (including material and manual labour), before taking a final decision. Cutting the one-piece countertop is more difficult than cladding and requires an expert. For a D.I.Y. countertop, keep in mind the next steps:


1. Choosing natural stone

2. Choosing tiles

3. Mosaic alternative for bathroom

4. Tile countertop

5. Countertop treatment after installation

6. Tile aftercare


1. Choosing natural stone – from granite, slate, marble and travertine. Based on a couple of criteria (usage, type of project – public or residential etc. – look, style, design style of your kitchen etc.) the type of stone you choose ultimately decides the lifetime of your countertop. If you need it for a restaurant, then granite is a suitable choice. For an elegant residential project, consider marble. Countertops from slate, marble and granite have higher hardness values, compared to travertine and limestone which have lower values, thus being more suitable for bathrooms.


photo source: homedit.com


2. Choosing tiles – for countertops, small size tiles are more useful, due to a more secure adherence, besides smoothness. Their smaller size compared to flooring or cladding, makes them available without tile cutting at the edges. For your kitchen decoration project, Black Tumbled Marble 10 x 10 x 1 cm can be an inspired choice. Multicolor Tumbled Slate tiles of 10 x 10x 1 cm are also an option to consider. For a bathroom countertop, Sunny Dream Tumbled Limestone of 10 x 10 x 1 cm are perfect. The option of installing a bathroom countertop made from travertine tiles of 10 x 10 x 1 cm, a less durable material looks promising, because bathroom countertops will not also serve as worktops.


3. Mosaic alternative for bathroom – comes for complementing the idea of bathroom countertop, by replacing tiles with mosaic. Such a solution, unpractical for kitchens, finds an incredible use in bathrooms as support for vessel bathroom sinks. 


4. Tile countertop – easy to obtain as DIY project. Here are essential steps, after selecting the tiles:


photo source: privatebook2017.com


• Measure and cut a plywood countertop that will serve as support for the natural stone countertop. It is recommended a rugged, 2 cm thick plywood; if not rugged, you should rub surface with sandpaper for increasing adherence. 

• Apply a flexible adhesive, moisture and impact resistant over the surface countertop, then lay out the tiles, one by one. There is no need to apply glue on the tile as well. Where necessary, cut tiles to desired size.


• Use grout for the joints.

5. Countertop treatment after installation – after curing, countertop is treated with sealing agents over joints and tile surface. Treatment depends on your countertop’s type of stone.

6. Tile aftercare – clean the countertop after each use. Waterproof the surface on constant basis. Avoid cleaning joints with acid detergents.


Visit our website for the complete range of natural stone countertops or tiles if you want to make your own countertop. Or get in touch with us by email at export@piatraonline.com or by phone at +40.318.222.333

How to obtain a natural stone tile countertop
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