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Replace your old bath tub with a natural stone shower tray

publicat in: Bathroom // Publicata pe 17.08.2018

These days, the trend dictates the replacement of your bath tub with a dynamic and modern shower tray. We live in a world with limited time, this bonding agent that connects us with life, while putting the most severe pressure on all of us. How to be able to enjoy the silence associated with relaxation in a hot bath tub, when you are limited by minutes and the chaotic traffic which consumes your life between two stops? Besides, according to studies, 75% of the people with bathtubs decide to replace them with shower trays, more practical and better suited for the current requirements.


Therefore, the idea of a replacement comes as an objective need. And here's how to do it for decorating your own bathroom, or better still, what do you need to observe when the experts are doing it for you:


1. Disconnect the water supply, closing the valves properly, disconnecting the boiler drain system.    


2. Uninstalling the bath tub faucet, (perhaps also those from the shower), uninstalling the shower.


3. Uninstalling the ceramic tile.


4. Normally, you will have to replace the piping; the water supply and draining are to be replaced, to meet the new standards.


5. Installing the waterproofing is preferred, instead of repairing the old one (waterproofing)


6. In here, there are 2 methods:

a. Selecting and installing a shower tray; in here, after restoring the piping and setting up the waterproofing, next comes the shower tray installation and shower enclosure cladding (cabin plating)

b. Cladding the shower enclosure, both flooring (make sure you have a slope for water drainage!) and walls; in fact you can buy tiles for the entire bathroom (bathroom cladding)


7. Installing the shower tray, then cladding (adhesives, grouts)


PIATRAONLINE’s shower trays are made of marble / travertine.  Capuccino marble shower trays have two sizes 90 x 90 x 3 cm and 120 x 80 x 3 cm respectively (marble shower). The first size is standard, allowing to install many models of square-shaped shower enclosures, the second allows you to install a “walk-in" shower enclosure, modern and more popular. Travertine shower trays (Classic, Latte or Silver travertine) have the same size and are available in a wide color range.


Shower tray is a durable choice that conveys into your bathroom a beauty and a certain added value. The model of shower tray is subjected to personal taste, but to be able to benefit from its beauty and quality you need surface aftercare. The treatments applied before or after the installation will extend the lifetime of your natural stone, even when installed in wet spaces and subjected to molds (detergents, sealing agents).

Replace your old bath tub with a natural stone shower tray
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