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Top 5 collections of natural stone dinnerware

publicat in: General // Publicata pe 30.10.2018


photo source: design-milk.com


“You enter the kitchen empty-handed and you leave it likewise. There's not even a sign of you being there. Everything is gone, everything is eaten."


Gastronomy is the art of satisfying the taste buds or the emotion of a cultural experience defined by flavors. This area involves extensive searches, experiences, tastes, flavors and full understanding of taste buds, but also of the human factor. Gastronomy becomes an art if you put your soul in everything you do and especially if you have the tools for creating new experiences every time. For this, the kitchen becomes a laboratory where you start playing with the most unusual combinations.


Somehow, we became familiar with the idea that good meal in only taste and flavor and less plating and service. We view food as nourishment, never occurring that food can also be an art form. Currently, we are amazed by plating although every chef is always trying to impress with new visual perspectives, by way of textures, colors, flavors, new shapes and materials that assist the art of cooking. Everything for reaching a balance in your plate from every angle. Then apart from the food, there are more details that develop and begin to impress in return – dinnerware used for plating.


Natural stone is these days present in more and more restaurants – from countertops, pizza stone, brick on the walls, up to the shapes of dinner plates. Fair’s fair, natural stone is not an uncommon element of a kitchen; it has been used since the beginning of humanity not only for building houses, but also for cooking. Natural stone has thermal resistance that allows it to absorb, store and radiate heat, thus creating optimum temperature for an ideal cooking session, over the entire dish surface.


Dining on natural stone is able to bring that added value to the customer's experience. As a natural material, the energy and elegance exudes by natural stone will shape the dish. Moreover, if it is a warm dish, natural stone will maintain optimum temperature for serving. Either way, the feeling they conveyed by a plate or marble bowl is authentic. In French gastronomy, the many types of cheese are by far the most famous, but what makes a simple plating to become spectacular is the serving plate – usually made from marble and slate. The beauty and versatility of natural stone, turn the serving plate into a canvas for exhibiting the creations of great chefs. The current state of the art in technology, natural stone has become increasingly malleable and easy to work with, which means that it can assume the most unusual shapes and finishes or you can simply combine it with different materials – wood, metal or glass.


1. Shira Keret – Monolith


photo source: pinterest


Water erosion is a natural process that takes place since the beginning, but water might need thousands of years until it manages to carve its way through the rock. Flowrate and type of rock will determine the shapes assumed by the stone. When replacing the natural process with an industrial jet cutting, you will need a few seconds to replicate the process and small-scale morphology.


photo source: pinterest


With this process in mind, designer Shira Keret created a set of Carrara marble objects – although the technical drawing is 2D and very basic, process makes the final shapes unpredictable, organic and particularly genuine. "Monolith" collection includes serving plate and dishes that define and highlight the morphology of natural stone shaped by water. And surely, these will have a huge impact in a restaurant.


2. Mpgmb - Sass Pedestals



If gastronomy is an art, how would you be able to place every dish on a pedestal? Designed for Brooklyn’s Souda brand, Sass pedestals are made of wood and white marble and are available in three sizes, different heights and diameters. These can be used as serving or display plate and the unity between marble and wood will convey originality to your dishes associated with an unforgettable experience for customers.


3. Fou de Feu – Rhythm


photo source: foudefeu.com


Rhythm and balance are defining keywords for this collection. Plates of different sizes, cups and teaspoons, serving plate and cutting boards for conveying rhythm into any dinner. Just pure white marble, leather and wood. A collection that seems detached from a drop shape that changes shapes as it grew larger. Each dish will be a unique experience.


photo source: foudefeu.com


4. Tom Dixon – The Rock Family


After several visits to India, Tom Dixon created a collection of green marble serving plates and candle holders – inspired by the Indian forests. Every collection is unique due to the marble blocks that made it. Even the shapes in which they were carved remember the exotic culture of India and the serving plates seem to replicate architectural sculptures.



5. Dana Cannam and Rachel Griffin – All of a Piece


A minimalist collection of serving plates shaped from a symbiosis of wood, marble and granite, defined by a subtle technique and technology. All materials and shapes, from the smallest item to the centrepiece can be interchanged with magnetic connections. This collection is included here because it gives you the opportunity to create the ideal serving plate for every dish.


photo source: pinterest


These are just some of the collections, impressive by design and processing method of natural stone. For thousands of years there is a symbiosis between gastronomy and natural stone, which is still valid these days. The way these 2 complement each other is quite impressive, managing to provide that authentic experience desired by everybody looking for a fine food. Moreover, texture and shapes of natural stone are #generatinginspiration for chefs. Driven by the same momentum and confidence in natural stone we imagined #FoodRocks – a competition targetted at designing objects, tools or kitchen accessories made exclusively from natural stone. This was a challenge for us and also the creatives eager to bring added value, a competiton that allowed us to encourage them to create freely.


"Gastronomy is the joy of every condition and age, adding wisdom to beauty."

Top 5 collections of natural stone dinnerware
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