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publicat in: The stone house // Publicata pe 04.08.2017

SKIN flexible slate veneer is one of today’s quite controversial building materials, because its features are not backed up by a long history. In fact, it was introduced on the market 20 years ago, a period in which users attained a constant development and optimization. Today, SKIN flexible slate veneer is a material which stood excellent the test of time, proving durability to many factors interfering with initial design and architecture projects.

The aesthetic of SKIN flexible slate veneer makes it very appreciated by experts. This is a highly textured material, with low porosity and color variation from green, blue, indigo and red to shades of dark grey and black. Moreover, you can find it with many patterns, from very simple, almost unicolor to very complex natural motifs and unique permeation of intertwining shades. So, here are six reasons for proving excellent features and suitability of SKIN flexible slate veneer for any decoration project.

1. SKIN flexible slate veneer is waterproof
SKIN flexible slate veneer absorbs maximum 0.4% from the liquids in contact with its surface, even if not sealed with professional solutions. As a result, it becomes the material of choice for decorating wet spaces and interiors exposed to steam (bathrooms and kitchens) but also for exterior vertical cladding (exterior walls, supporting pillars or decorative columns).

2. Slip-resistant feature
Although surface of SKIN flexible slate veneer is by all means not porous, the material has an increased slip-resistance feature, compared to other natural stones (marble, granite or travertine). SKIN flexible slate veneer is textured, slip-resistant and will not absorb water, which makes it also easier to clean.

3. Durable material
People choose natural stone for their decoration projects because of increased lifetime compared to ceramic tiles. Natural stone is famous for a durability that reaches many years and SKIN flexible slate veneer is no exception. In spite of low thickness, this material preserves durability features of natural stone.

4. Cost-effective
Belonging to the medium-high price category, initially SKIN flexible slate veneer may not seem economical, but it will break even thanks to durability and low cost of installation.

SKIN flexible slate veneer is easy to handle and has low construction waste compared to other building materials. The initial investment with materials is offset by very low installation costs and short installation time required.  

5. Easy reconditioning
Features of SKIN flexible slate veneer are controversial due to easily scratch surface, compared to other natural stones. In spite of all these, SKIN flexible slate veneer is more durable than ceramic tiles or any other material used for cladding. On top of that and just like many types of decorative natural stone, SKIN flexible slate veneer can be easily reconditioned. The best way to do this is by asking professional help, although procedure is not very complicated, rather painstakingly and requiring precision and expertise. Use soft sandpaper for reconditioning and levelling the scratches and special oils for mineral renovation, restoring natural glow and filling superficial scratches.

6. Ideal for many decorating projects
SKIN flexible slate veneer can be installed on almost any surface, regardless of shape and material composition and is ideal for many different projects. Interior cladding is probably the most popular (such as cladding bathrooms, kitchens or decorative walls), yet is fits also exterior projects. Thanks to increased waterproofing feature it is preferred for exterior cladding, pillars or columns decoration and even for cladding roofs.

SKIN flexible slate veneer with its unique and natural look is perfect for cladding furniture pieces. As a result, many customers choose it for cladding chairs, tables, bars, kitchen islands, offices and cabinets, having reconditioning or decorative purposes.

For further details on choosing the stone best suited to your project, give us a call at +40318 222.333 or better visit our showroom to see the concept spaces!

6 Reasons for Choosing SKIN flexible slate veneer
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