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A symbiosis of black and white for decoration projects with natural stone

publicat in: The stone house // Publicata pe 03.08.2018

As Coco Chanel once said: “… I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”


Apparently, architecture and interior design trends are reinventing every year, except the fact that these are only a fusion of styles from previous eras, reinterpreted for these days. A non color design is the new trend for 2018, – a stylish, yet precious chromatic duo, with a conspicuous side to match, from different points of view. In spite of the fact that a black and white combination is trendy for 2018, the origins of this style have a longer than anticipated history – "The Black and White Revival".


"The Black and White Revival" was an architectural movement from the middle of the 19th century aimed at restoring old buildings with timber framing. The frames were painted black and the panels white. This architectural movement has an even ancient history – Tudor style. Buildings from that time period were genuine works of art, highlighted by a symbiosis of natural stone and wood, preserving the traditional lines of the Medieval England. Since then and up until now, white and black have maintained this symbiosis, transmitting an identical perfection.


Current designs with this combination will satisfy many taste, styles and needs – from elegant, palatial, imposing spaces to industrial, minimalistic spaces. Of course, this is also a daring selection – the spaces speak for themselves and these two noncolors convey totally different personalities, together framing perfectly the space. At the same time, the use of black and white materials and elements will conveys balance, associated with a lot more spacious and simple ambience.


Black and white for your personal space

The personal space can be defined as a living room for spending your days or the area where you want to set up a work space. Such type of rooms require a relaxed, calm ambience, so that every new item is able to bring added value. Marble is the ideal material for complementing your room with excellence and elegance. Using a combination of Portoro Gold Polished Marble – a black stone with golden veins and Thassos Polished Marble, you will obtain a strong contrast, the ideal space for creative minds. The symbiosis of black and white will define the space lines, concealing any imperfection or wal undulation.


An ideal duo for elegant bathrooms

As for bathrooms, the target is a space as intimate as possible, aimed at relaxation. Regardless of a bathroom size, this perfect duo of black and white will convey spatiality and elegance, specific for glossy magazines. You can use Fileti Tumbled Thassos Marble for claddings with a bohemian air to your bathroom, associated with Nero Riven Slate for flooring. Also, for shaping the space as a whole you can add a Nero Marquina Marble Countertop and a bathroom sink from the same material. If you want to further highlight the contrast between these two, you can use cufflinks – yet not fashion cufflinks, but natural stone cufflinks.


Kitchens with personality

We all know that kitchen transformed from a dining and cooking space into a space for hosting pleasant evenings with friends, so it should be defined by an aesthetic comfort. With the same strong contrasts, black and white will highlight the personality of the space and besides, will convey subtle elegance. Volakas or Calacatta Marble are two of our kitchen recommendations – durable and highlighted by their gray-black or purple veins, crossing the surface. Recommended use include flooring, cladding or even countertops. It might even combine with a marble mosaic for a touch of dynamism and individuality.


Combinations are unlimited, because natural stone is a material able to highlight any decoration project, interior or exterior. If you add to this symbiosis – black and white – the natural beauty of the stone, you will obtain your own corner of heaven, a personal retreat for whenever you will need it.


Space decoration is a personal project that sometimes can be troubling and by #generatinginspiration, we are offering the best materials attached to the most creative ideas.

A symbiosis of black and white for decoration projects with natural stone
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