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Home decorating ideas at affordable prices


- A decoration project is essential, if you want to feel at home,

- A kitchen countertop – the point of attraction,

- Transform the look of your house with natural wall cladding,

- Limestone flooring for a relaxing mood.


Everybody wishes to enjoy a living space as representative as possible. We feel that we should decorate every corner only with things make us feel comfortable and convey a homey ambience into every space.


For each of us it is important the look of the space where we wake up in the morning, the relaxation area after a long day, a space where we spend time with friends or family or prepare our dinner. This design influence considerably our state of mind whenever we spend time in this place.


Here are some affordable house decorating ideas, #generatinginspiration for your own relaxing nest!


Invest in a kitchen countertop that speaks about you

Kitchen is an essential area of your house. Sometimes, a kitchen assumes the role of a living room, by becoming more than just a food preparation area, since it is the corner of social life. And this is not only reserved for family members, by also for guests.


Natural stone is more popular for interior decoration projects, because it conveys sustainability and durability, but also a creative, authentic atmosphere, filled with originality and style.



Natural stone elements have the capacity to create an amazing effect. The force expressed with every detail is an instant eye catcher. Essential in interior decoration is using natural stone for the most important elements, so that you can pay attention to details and taste. The countertop is one of the central elements in your kitchen, because it is positioned for a crucial visual impact.


Extra Blue Granite Countertop with polished finish has a unique and exclusive look and is able to create different color accents, based on natural light distribution. Price for a tile with 250 x 65 x 3 cm size is 182 EUR, affordable for any type of apartment. You can choose a Crema Royal Polished Marble countertop, for inspiring a majestic stile and an impressive elegance. Its affordability translates into a low price of only 111.30 EUR, 250 x 65 x 3 cm size.


Bring nature on your walls     

An amazing effect for a decoration project brings natural stone on your walls. Whether we are talking about living room, bedroom or kitchen, a natural stone cladded wall is a raw touch into your ambience.


A natural stone cladded wall is a corner of nature in your home, with the capacity to transform the ambience of your entire room. Thus, every day in such a room you will feel it like a nature’s hug, directly in your home.



You can focus on a Burdur Beige Marble Splitface Mosaic, which ensures a clean and elegant look. More than anything, this brings a raw touch, of unprocessed material, thus reinforcing the unique look of your room. Thassos Marble Polished Mosaic is another suitable choice, because it is consistent strong and consistent white, underlined by its polished finish, for bringing an elegant and sumptuous air. Besides, its color and texture create the feeling of a space much larger than it actually is.


Floors that invite to relax

Natural stone flooring conveys a relaxing and comfortable air. Besides the amazing design and the visual, natural stone has plenty of other benefits.


While stepping on flooring with a unique color and feel their texture on your feet, you manage to connect with nature and your inner self.



Limestone is a natural stone composed of shell fragments, with a beauty underlined by elegant veins, resulted from deposits of minerals with soft color variation. Vratza Limestone with polished finish has a special feature, a perfect match for bathroom and hallways, yet also fine for bedrooms, living rooms or kitchens. Limestone Astoria with brushed finish has a simplicity conveyed by the combination between cream and gray, underlining a special elegance and a feeling of connection with any room.


We hope these decorating ideas have convinced you to finally begin working on your decoration projects, you’ve been holding on for some time! 


Do you consider that natural stone elements convey a special touch in a house? Which natural stone do you consider would fit best in your home and why? We are looking for your comments in the section below.

Affordable decorating ideas for your home
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