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Natural stone is one of the most popular and modern materials worldwide, not only in Romania. In fact, this is why Romanians embraced so easily the concept of integrating it into their home design. Natural stone has the amazing capacity to create exactly the desired look for your home – both traditional and modern, contemporary, as well as medieval or Mediterranean design style.


The new and modern age of stone in decorations


Regardless of your preference, your home needs to speak for itself. Every detail you use should tell your story, captivating other people into revealing it. Your home is your personal retreat and following a busy working day, coming home should mean entering a land of relaxation.


Furniture also contributes to this ideal atmosphere. Have you ever imagined that you could have natural stone furniture for your house? Natural stone can be used without limits, whether we talk about living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. With this material, you are able to obtain amazing, enduring effects.


Besides, the latest trends dictate the use of industrial accents for creating modern interiors, thus adding to the interiors a touch of cruelty.



The living room – your artistic space


As central room of your home, living room is in sight for every guest. Inviting your loved ones into your living room means actually, inviting them to enjoy a piece of your life. You don't just give them your time, you offer them an opportunity to meet you. This space is like an art gallery – every decoration, furniture and room finishing will transmit something about you.


Speaking of furniture, have you ever noticed the way in which natural stone transforms the look of your space, when used for designing furniture pieces? For example, a basic coffee table from marble is able to convey a modern touch combined with art into your living room. Although stone is a cold material, it might bring visual touches of warmth with an ideal vivid mixture. Besides, natural stone fireplaces are elements able to transmit warmth and receptivity, available even for your apartment, as elements of interior design.


The bedroom – your oasis of relaxation


The bedroom is the type of area imagined for recharging batteries and unwind. Of course, natural stone is essential for such a bedroom. There are some elements you can use if you want to achieve a warm and inviting decoration project, which makes natural stone the obvious choice for combining art and modern touches.



For example, if you want to add a slightly masculine, yet influencing touch in terms of visual, go for a bed frame or a stone office. Onyx is a material able to warm the ambience, while developing different aspects by lighting. This is the bedroom star, because it fits perfect in a space for rest / spending the night. Besides, natural stone never goes out of fashion, which means that your bedroom will always be modern and you will remain connected to the latest trends.


Kitchen – is more than only a space for serving food


Beyond its functional features, your kitchen is a room with as much energy as every other room. And it borrows your personality and its ambience is highlighted by fine touches of the furniture design that complements it. Lately, the design area has taken a more modern direction, in which it opts for straight lines, neutral colors and a mainly black and white setting.


The stone furniture for kitchen is an innovation in this field, introducing a hint of cruelty and creative energy in your space. Marble, associated with semi-precious stone and metal is able to generate a surprising effect. The star of the room is the gray color, which offers a modern atmosphere. For this purpose, the most suitable kitchen recommendation is Nero Marquina Marble.


Regardless of the room where you choose to have your natural stone furniture, you can select an almost unlimited color range. Touches of natural stone have jewelry accents and are inspired by metals from space, stars, cosmos and clouds.




You can design typical spaces for your personality, only with natural materials. The parallel between rooms decorated with natural stone furniture and the other rooms is simple to attain by adding the finishing that use a similar material.

Best tips for choosing your natural stone furniture
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