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1. Higher Ground – electric power plant turned to eclectic restaurant  

2. Salón Sociedad

3. Dirty Bones – a small Brooklyn right in the heart of London

4. Mystery – warehouse turned to ice cream parlor


Emotion does not exist only as a statement or a brief gesture – emotion is everywhere and comes associated with inspiration. It's that affection that brings us into a state of well-being, even for a few moments. What we want to transmit is that such an emotion can be found even in a space where you drink your morning coffee or enjoy a good lunch. And from here, there was only one step towards the journey into amazing places that does not only impress by design or the stone used as a bar, but by its beginnings and the first cornerstone.


We started with a simple material used for thousands of years, since society was still at its primitive stage, traditional decorative brick – made of clay and dried in the sun and we tried to find its importance now, in the modern society. Decoration projects for Horeca areas in a creative way, for conveying an emotion, will attract customer to that particular place. At the subconscious level, each material or decorative object used will influence its condition and the way it feels and perceives the space. Therefore, commitment for such a decoration project will be equivalent with people’s feelings towards a specific restaurant or bar.


1. Higher Ground – electric power plant turned to eclectic restaurant  


Higher Ground begins its story in an electric power plant that has become an exclusive destination. The former power plant was imagined and designed for creating 6 new connected levels, wrapped around the building’s perimeter, for creating a suite of intimate platforms. The lovely ambience of the area is the fact that the team of architects from DesignOffice preserved the initial decorative brick, without interfering with the material even by surface finishing. The changes they have made to the design, create a balance and also release the tension between the existing forms of brick and concrete.



For linking these two levels, architects used a strong dark blue for the stairs, which emphasized the geometric shape of the concrete columns that support the entire space. The color of concrete and brick walls saved from the old structure needed a strong color touch, yet still industrial.



For this, there were selected furniture pieces with shades of green olive, pastel pink and navy that also offers a range of options for customers. Tables and bar were made of solid timber and stone, for bringing a visual balance to the project. Interior decorations that use brick from the old structure is an adavantage, just like the green touches of plants. Those are all elements for creating a story of the place.



2. Salón Sociedad

The City of Monterrey is well known as the home of large corporations. These companies have a crucial role in city and community development, besides the personal development of its employees, which is why corporations closely supervise the quality of their lives. As a result, in 1918 they established Sociedad Cuauhtémoc y Famosa which deals with building recreational and sports areas for their staff, but also their families.



Salón Sociedad was born for bringing back to life the spaces once used by this society, especially by corporations’ employees, a place that aims to create an active and warm space that recalls the legacy of founders. That is why, each element proposed by the OTRA Arquitectura team complies precisely with the times and ambience. For the first row, they selected long, undivided tables, precisely for creating a more familiar relationship between employees. For refreshing the ambience of the past, a rustic style with a modern accent was used. And for taking advantage of natural light, glazing panels were used, both at the entrance and along the space walls.



The key aspect in here is brick, from which they built the arches for dividing the floor plan. Interior design with traditional brick also brings a bohemian air, stability and safety. Trust is what employees need for operating at best parameters. The vintage wooden chairs used in the salon are versions of the Malinche seat, made in Monterrey by Muebles Malinche, a local furniture company. For flooring they selected tiles with geometric shapes, black and white, for a feeling of local restaurant and comfort. The intimate ambience is defined by the sources of light used – filament bulbs and globe shaped wall lights, yet with a subtle, soft glow, ideal to create a familiar environment. Although it has been chosen a dark shades interior, the elements and the story of this salon turn the restaurant into a warm, friendly place for the employees of big corporations.



3. Dirty Bones – a small Brooklyn right in the heart of London

You could say it's a rock band, but it's a London restaurant, inspired by Brooklyn’s atmosphere of the '70. The space is defined by the combination of raw industrial materials with luxury materials, such as velvet, but also by works of eclectic art. The main target was to create a space in which people could feel comfortable, to create the feeling that they are not in a public space but at home, attending a party. And the main inspiration source came from Brooklyn’s ‘70’s artists.


This space can accommodate up to 60 seats, but was designed for creating variety with slightly different features. What has become an attraction and a common ground of these spaces is the exposed brick wall. In front of the bar there were used upholstered chairs with green leather. More details that make this space unique: the library which is actually a façade for toilets, a black curtain covering an entire wall, plants and art works by London artist Danny Augustine, for reflecting completely the musical culture of Dirty Bones Restaurant – hip hop, fun, old school. When you examine this space as if it was painting, the brick wall is the main element, while the rest of elements that turn this place into Dirty Bones are only details.


4. Mystery – warehouse turned to ice cream parlor

Whitewashed brick walls and galvanized steel surfaces came back to life in an old warehouse from Vancouver, for turning into a homemade ice cream parlor. Mister is located in Yaletown district, a space that used to be the loading dock of a warehouse built in 1912. The design team from Scott & Scott Architects has decided to preserve the building history, the brick walls, while using materials suitable for a place that produces homemade ice cream using liquid nitrogen. Working Island was made of steel sheets and later galvanised for protection against corrosion. Steel was chosen specifically to emphasize the sensation of cold.



The worktop for the working island is from soapstone, a material currently used in food preparing industry or in Horeca decoration projects and extracted from a Quebec quarry. Soapstone was used in laboratories in the old day and its resistance to thermal shocks turned it into the ideal material to withstand a temperature of -196 °C, caused by nitrogen. In this project, brick preserves the history of the place, taking it further into a different space.



Interior decoration projects with decorative brick are more popular, because they refresh a specific style and outline the story of the place. Interior decorative brick conveys safety and stability into the area and will match with any chosen style. Perfect for Horeca-type of places such as restaurants, bars or bistros, because of the conveyed intimate air and a familiar experience that brings us closer to the primary excitement. After all, a space can only remain a space or it can become a special place where everyone can find themselves. Here comes your decoration project and the way space is designed, so that it can reflect its story.

Decorative brick: Discover 4 Amazing restaurants
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