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Discover a fashion trend in exterior & interior design: Pebble mosaics

publicat in: Uncategorized // Publicata pe 22.12.2017

Mosaics have been a way of marking the difference in style since antiquity. The special status of the higher social classes was also marked by the presence of mosaics in their homes. The art of natural stone mosaics was appreciated not only for the color variation, refreshing for that particular space, but also for the difficulty of putting that into practice. Nowadays, this difficulty has disappeared, but the mosaic attraction has remained unchanged.

Today, most mosaics already come with small pieces mounted on nets that are approximately 30 x 30 cm in size. This technique means a much easier installation than was done thousands of years ago in living rooms, saunas or in Persian, Greek or Roman palaces.

There is a very wide range of mosaics made of natural stone, which, depending on the finishes, can be polished, splitface and tumbled. Mosaics can be made of any natural stone. This is the result of the multitude of colors available to those who love this type of product for interior and exterior decoration projects.
In this article we will focus on a kind of mosaic that, by definition, looks less spectacular. However, the pebble mosaic, tumbled (with rounded edges) has returned to power, becoming a trendy fashion all over the world. That is why we have decided to present some more special suggestions from which to inspire.

Of course, continuing the tradition, the pebble mosaics are very much used in bathrooms. These stones break the monotony of a decoration project, convey personality, with them you can put into practice the most "crazy" plan of a designer or your own idea. Pebble means, above all, creative freedom: You can cover a piece of a wall, an entire wall, a floor, or a portion of it, using rectangular or curved contours.

As in the bathroom, kitchen backsplashes are another option for using these natural stone mosaics with rounded edges. The effect is charming and impressive, by the contrast it makes with the rest of the room. For those who prefer a chromatic balance, the same type of mosaic used to backsplash can be found in the integral or partial cladding of a kitchen wall (as in any other space!).

Although not very common, there is also tumbled pebble mosaic cladded furniture. It's just a matter of imagination, because from a technical point of view, there is no problem attaching these boards to the wood of the furniture or a transparent plastic for backlighting. On the other hand, the fireplaces are also perfect to being covered with this type of mosaic, in Mediterranean, rustic, vintage or eclectic design styles.

Perhaps it was not a surprise for many people to use this mosaic inside, but surely the number of stunned people will grow with the next pictures. The mosaic of small stones is also used outside. Stairs, facades of buildings, balconies, alleys, squares and small squares, home bases and many more are places where the pebble mosaic is being used successfully. Horizontally, it's not just a new, unprecedented aesthetics, based on a set of details, but also a slip-resistant feature for the cladded surface.

For further details on natural stone mosaics, installation tips, how to match those with other natural stones and aftercare assistance get in touch with us by phone at +40318.222.333 or email at export@piatraonline.com.

Discover a fashion trend in exterior & interior design: Pebble mosaics
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