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Discover the new Peach Travertine, amazing for exterior paving

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Definitely, Peach Travertine deserves a spot on the podium of the fabulous natural stones. With a vibrating color variation, peach shades and yellow, orange cream or light burgundy this natural stone cannot remain unnoticed. Only the Peach travertine has this color variation that conveys both energy and relaxation, tranquility and dynamism. The feelings transmitted by this natural stone convert Peach Travertine into a product that can be used in any type of space. PIATRAONLINE is the only company trading Peach Travertine in Romania and Europe, having the largest volume of exports in countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium and France.

The mix of fantastic colors
The spectacular color variation of the stone is repeated by rich graphics of the veins that vary according to the way the stone block is cut. If the section is parallel to the ribs, we have "vein cut", if cut perpendicular, the veins are "cross cut".

   Peach Travertine Cross Cut Polished                Peach Travertine Cross Cut Brushed

Available Finishes
The Peach Travertine products in our offer have the following finishes: "tumbled and brushed", "polished and chiseled ", "brushed and chiseled", "honed". Each of the finishes works differently from one ambient style to another. In fact, the finishes are those that create the atmosphere of an arrangement.

Almost everywhere
Bathrooms, living rooms, hallways, conference rooms, cake shops, offices, guesthouses are just a few examples of spaces that can benefit from full vertical and horizontal plating with the Peach travertine. Tile size (61 x 30.5 cm) also contribute to attaining a pronounced color game. Each tile has a unique color, so the more tiles, the more impressive a wall or a floor will look like by combining the colors of each tile.

Peach Travertine Cross Cut Tumbled

The exclusive character of the Peach travertine is also preserved in exterior cladding, where we can use Cross Cut Tumbled Peach Travertine. Due to its thickness, this product is best suited for decoration projects of covered and uncovered terraces, for belts or alleys around swimming pools and houses, as well as for paving. The other Peach travertine products in the PIATRAONLINE portfolio can be used in exterior decoration project only in vertical claddings (facades of house, home bases, fences, etc.)

Peach Cross Cut Brushed & Chiseled Travertine French Pattern Set

A special place in the Peach travertine range is the French Pattern, Cross Cut, brushed and chiselled edges. We find these sets in the interior wall cladding and flooring. On the outside, it is easily noticed when cladding the facade of a building, a home base or a fence. Each set is packed separately, making it very easy to handle.

Maybe the rustic and Mediterranean styles are the most used when it comes to the Peach travertine, in its tumbled and brushed / chiseled types. However, living colors alter the atmosphere, making it so vivid that it is quite difficult to draw a clear line of separation between the classic air of Mediterranean design and the chromatic vivacity of the explosive texture. The same happens with honed and glossy tiles (60 x 30 cm). They tend to fit into the classic, more refined style, but the colors add energy to these elegant and sophisticated approaches.

This is why there is a continuing increase in the popularity of the Peach travertine: the product inspires so many moods and messages that you can easily emphasize, you can transform them as you wish.

As we have already said, the Peach Travertine (like many natural stones in general) offers a wide range of combinations: iron, wood, modern decor elements, massive furniture, and a minimalist baroque curtain, and also satin ... But everything, but everything will be in color, the way the color will fit with the Peach travertine, such a spectacular natural stone.

The origin of the word "travertine" comes from the Italian "travertino", derived from the ancient Roman name Tibur (now Tivoli), a city near Rome. Travertine is a sedimentary limestone rock, hence its porous, veined and uneven appearance. Most travertine quarries are usually found near the thermal waters. Most of the Colosseum in Rome was built of travertine, which proves the amazing durability of the material.

For more details on the Peach travertine, please get in touch with us by email at export@piatronline.com, or phone at +40318.222.333.

Discover the new Peach Travertine, amazing for exterior paving
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