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Apartment design: ideas for a successful project

publicat in: General // Publicata pe 16.05.2017

Planned out with care and attention to detail, the house can completely change with the help of perfectly chosen natural stone. The hallway’s floor can be cladded with travertine or marble, while one of the walls can be covered with mosaics or panels of the same or a similar coloured stone such as Classic travertine for the floor and splitface Classic travertine for the wall. Things become even more spectacular when the hallway communicates directly with the kitchen.

         Terazzo tiles (photo 1)                                       Wall: Splitface Classic 3D travertine (photo 2)

For an open space like this, it’s important that the colours and textures chosen be complementary. The splitface finish has become popular because it disrupts the usual grim and crowded Romanian interiors. Terazzo tiles have the same effect. Their colourful patterns liven up the room, whether they are used for the floor of the kitchen or hallway or as a splashback above the countertop. Another good option for your kitchen splashback is the Multicolour slate panels, which work well with high-tech furniture (see photo 3) or with rustic elements such as wood and wrought iron.

Multicolor slate panel (photo 3)

When designing an apartment the main focus is usually the living room. And it’s natural for it to be like this, because the living room is the so-called “pièce de résistance”. It’s the place you entertain guest and the cozy family room. This is where natural stone’s versatility comes in. It can create an intimate mood, an elegant appearance, an exuberant look and feel or a simple rustic interior. Marble, travertine, slate, onyx, in the form of tiles, slabs or mosaics, all support the wildest of ideas and the boldest of designs.
A Classic travertine floor would be better highlighted if you also used a similar colour decorative stone for a wall or a part of the wall (panels – photo 4, mosaics – photo 5 or apparent brick).

We recommend the Polished Tundra Grey, the Emperador Maron or Calacatta marble for a sophisticated and elegant living room, to name but a few good choices from our range of products.

       Travertine mosaic (photo 5)                                                         Multicolor slate panel (photo 4)

The bathroom seems to be an easy to revamp space because of its limited dimensions. Among the most versatile and accessible solutions for this part of the house are mosaics, panels or small tiles (with a mosaic-like appearance), because they are easy to install and very cost-effective.

For instance: Splitface Classic Siding travertine mosaic (photo 7) or Tumbled Classic Cross Cut travertine, 10 x 10 x 1 cm (photo 7). For a personal touch, don’t forget to add decorative elements such as borders or sills.

Tumbled Classic travertine, 10 x 10 (photo 6)                   Splitface Classic Siding travertine (photo 7)

We also recommend reading Decorating the balcony or terrace with natural stone, a simple and elegant solution.

No matter the style you choose, your apartment’s value will increase substantially because of the added durability and elegance natural stone brings to any home. The range of products offers the right solutions for any space, big, small, simple, elegant or premium. That’s why it’s so easy to choose natural stone as the main material for your apartment’s makeover.

For more suggestions about how to used natural stone call +40318.222.333, email us at export@piatraonline.com or, better yet, visit our showroom in 137A Teisani Street, District 1, Bucharest, Romania.

Apartment design: ideas for a successful project
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