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Hirotoshi Ito first exhibition in Bucharest, Romania at Galateca Art Gallery, 10-14 October, 2017

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Natural stone is one of the most suggestive materials found in nature. Or, to be more specific, natural stone has a huge potential of expressivity. And this quality is best perceived from the way buildings look all over the world and how plastic art extracted from stone an infinity of expressions: from emotions to senses, from tragedy to comedy, from practical to abstract.

Natural stone is not just a simple material and maybe this is the biggest mistake when speaking of it. Artists were always aware that such a material “hides” a huge capacity for communicating sentiments and ideas. These days, art is searching new ways for conveying messages. Hirotoshi Ito is one of those artists, admired all over the world because of his unique way of communicating with his creations.

For the first time in Romania, his amazing artworks can be admired at Galateca Art Gallery, between 10th and 14th of October 2017, part of the exhibition “Pleasures of Paradox. The fine stone”. Admission free.

First, Hirotoshi Ito manages, in the good and old tradition of sculptors, to shape this material in something that does not look like natural stone. We notice his creations are impressive by flexibility, warmth, conformity, features derived from a raw material which is by definition, hard, rough, cold and wild. In this way, the stone of his artworks does not loses its acknowledged features, but reveals others unexpected features. From here, the combination of contrasting attributes yet fully functional together, the paradox of Hirotoshi Ito work is born.

With the same power of impact, such natural stone objects reveal a lot of humor combined with a dose of intelligent and absurd. Accents are sometimes subtle and sometimes message is expressed disarmingly simple, yet equally amazing.

Hirotoshi Ito is the fifth generation of an old family of stonemasons. His father often told him that stonemasons have to work not only on grave stones, because they need something else for developing new skills and broadening the perspective on natural stone. Maybe this was the turning point, the moment when the artist started to perceive natural stone differently.
Although he was supposed to take over the family business, he goes to attend the classes of Tokyo University of the Arts, “Metal” division. Working with iron will develop his creativity, but he prefers to stay with the stone. His effort combined with passion results in discovering a unique style, a mix of care, concept and emotion. Close to surrealism, Hirotoshi Ito is also a fine narrator, with miniatures that enchanted the visitors.

With 10 years of experience on the market for interior and exterior decoration projects, PIATRAONLINE was proud to celebrate 2 things with this Hirotoshi Ito exhibition: the talent of an amazing artist and the inexhaustible show of natural stone.

Mariana Constantinescu Bradescu, Managing Partner PIATRAONLINE: We are fully committed to the brave projects we are endorsing with a desire to place Romania on the map with leaders of design and architecture. For us, every piece of natural stone is a work of art sculpted by nature: unique, suggestive, concerning. Hence, the admiration for Hirotoshi Ito artwork, a source of inspiration for us and the desire to present his comic-absurd universe at home, in Romania.

Hirotoshi Ito first exhibition in Bucharest, Romania at Galateca Art Gallery, 10-14 October, 2017
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