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La Chiorpec: Between Passion for Cooking and Hot Stone |#FoodRocks

publicat in: Uncategorized // Publicata pe 30.10.2018

What if our passion for natural stone would merge with yours for design? What if your ideas are molded with our materials into a collection designed for kitchen enthusiasts? This is how #FoodRocks was born – a design competition highlighting natural stone use for objects, tools or kitchen accessories. Besides an opportunity to promote creativity, this was a challenge for us and the creatives ready to bring added value. Faithful to our slogan #generatinginspiration, we wanted to prove that our showroom (whether in the kitchen or outside in the Pavilion) can host a series of creative meetings. This is the way we continue our #FoodRocks project, as a creative tag launched for Romania’s most creative chefs, actually an online show about them and their cooking methods, while taking their story further. The first chef to accept our challenge was Liviu Chiorpec.


"People are more relaxed and will speak freely when sitting around a table."


Chef and gastronomy professor, Liviu Chiorpec is "Chiorpec" for close friends and the host of “La Chiorpec" – his home actually. He's been cooking since he was born, inspired by his father. In spite of the fact that his grandmother, like every grandmother of course, was an exceptional cook. Until he managed to make a living out of cooking for people, he worked for a multinational, cooking only in his spare time, because he enjoyed having them over for a chat and a glass of wine. Because life has a way of humbling you every once in a while, while it keeps repeating that you’re wasting your time and encourages you to move on. One day he realized he was no longer connected with his work at the time, so he resigned. Okay, you're leaving, but where? What are you doing? The only solution is to do what you like and this is essential. After all, your knowledge goes beyond your diplomas or the books read. It's something that comes out of you and you want to make it available for people. Actually, Liviu always loved to cook – for him, this was relaxation, especially because he likes having people around while cooking. The human factor is pretty important, in light of the fact that you are supposed to have good food on the table and forget it the next 10 minutes or remember that food for a few good months. The choice between these 2 options depends on the chef.



"Oh, my God, do I have to ask people for money just because I’m cooking for them? I felt ashamed."


At this point, he had two things clear: his passion for cooking and his passion for having people around. But how do you monetize it? Prepare food in unconventional spaces, mess around in other kitchens, play with flavors, imagine new tastes and make people smile – this is "La Chiorpec". The moment he understood his skills and his potential, he started to learn, then managed himself for an experience based on its life during the past 10 – 15 years, while talking about food. The same belief brought him to PIATRAONLINE kitchen, to impress us with a straight “Fish 'n Beans dish. A rather popular recipe in England, yet reinterpreted by Chef Liviu Chiorpec for us. He replaced the standard code fish with sardine, an underrated fish and the crispy potato chips with green seedpods. The smell of cooked seedpods in the kitchen almost took us back in time, in childhood. More important than anything is the experience and the effect of flavors and tastes on you as a human being. You will have a plate with a fine meal to remember. Natural stone was used for plating and highlight the food, because natural stone is an underrated material, just like sardine.



"You have to judge food by the intention of its creator."


Gastronomy is an art and it involves more senses. Playing with flavors or tastes is not enough, you should actually be the chef. You have to learn to provide complete experiences, instead of having a tour for the taste buds. And client needs to know how to appreciate it and see the effort beyond preparation, regardless of plating. Beyond plating, client should value your work and judge if this is directly proportional.


Besides his kitchen experiences, Liviu Chiorpec is a cooking professor at DallesGo, teaching people not only the basic about the kitchen, but also methods for spotting good food in restaurants and comprehending the process behind food preparation. Course structure includes international cuisine delivered as basic rules valid for any kitchen, in any culture. Actually, this course helps students to transform their lives, if cooking is what they want. It is the perfect example if you dream about transform your life by cooking or simply wish to learn the art of plating for friends or family.



Liviu Chiorpec inspired us with everything he does and we are planning to take this inspiration further. He started from basic passion and turned it into a business. And in here, we have something in common. We established PIATRAONLINE with passion for natural stone, #generatinginspiration for fans of beautiful and creative projects. #FoodRocks went from a simple contest aimed at establishing limits for natural stone in a kitchen – especially since it was used from ancient times for cooking and serving and later, it developed into something much more. We realized that natural stone is inspiration and dining on natural stone with is unlike any other ceramic plate or wooden countertop. So, food and stone have more things in common than you can imagine. People need inspiration, the kind of things that create a vision and transform their lives when they don't have the guts to do it. If we analize that a couple of years ago we were perceived as merely a stone showroom or an online store, today we would like to believe that our visions are #generatinginspiration, able to group natural stone, chefs and foods into an online show for cooking fans.

La Chiorpec: Between Passion for Cooking and Hot Stone |#FoodRocks
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