Mediterranean Interior Design

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Mediterranean Interior Design

Mediterranean design is usually associated with summer season, yet it is more about creating simple, uncluttered spaces, for protection against high temperatures. This interior design is used mainly for countryside holiday houses, away from the city, but some accents can be exploited into an urban decoration project.   

A home decoration project with Mediterranean inspiration uses arches and curved spaces, with a combination of polished (glossy) and unfinished textures. The result is a setting shaped by a natural dynamic. The interior design inspired by Europe’s East Coast (France, Italy and Spain) has a casual energy and is very friendly and relaxed, thanks to the natural colors and fabrics.

With inspiration from the Greek residences we recommend some very popular accents in that area, with blue and green as fine complements for white walls (both interior and exterior).

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A successful Mediterranean decoration project uses chromatic touches such as yellow, bright red, lavender and blue.

The list of recommended materials include glass, natural stone, ceramic and white wood (for exterior shutters and also for furniture), and also wrought iron, plait jute and burned brick. Natural stone flooring is essential for complementing your living space with a Mediterranean look. Choose a French Pattern travertine for your decoration project, (see image below) available as Classic, Peach, Latte, Silver or Leonardo, or use specifically Sunny Dream Marble with warm and pleasant shades.

An interesting solution for the bedroom includes small size natural stone tiles in combination with light color furniture, wood and natural fabrics for creating a very relaxed setting.

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If you want to create artistic touches you can use natural stone mosaics for cladding an area from your living or kitchen wall with splitface mosaic. Thus, you will highlighting the already mentioned contrast between textures. Oriental terrazzo tiles are always a good idea, as long as they are used rationally, without cluttering the living space.

Another solution is cladding an entire wall with light color decorative natural stone panels for brightening the room and highlighting the Mediterranean setting.

The above image features a splendid combination between butter color kitchen marble countertop and an arch cladded with natural stone, unfinished look. Usually, furniture pieces are larger and have light colors, for an efficient storage purpose.

Terrace represents an important area, with large flowerpots, light color flooring and cozy furniture, three essential elements for creating an impressive panorama view to the sea. One more solution for your Mediterranean decoration project is a construction started from a main piece (for example water fountain) and continuing with relaxation areas, highlighted with flowerpots and bright colored flowers.

For further details on choosing the stone best suited to your project, give us a call at +40318 222.333 or better visit our showroom to see the concept spaces!

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