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Monthly meeting of the Romanian Furniture Club Association at PIATRAONLINE

publicat in: Uncategorized // Publicata pe 23.03.2017

On Wednesday, March 15, PIATRAONLINE showroom hosted the monthly meeting of the Romanian Furniture Club association, moderated by Dipl. Eng. Iuliu Moldoveanu, association President and Sergiu Constantinescu-Bradescu, Managing Partner PIATRAONLINE.


The Romanian Furniture Club Association (A.C.R.M.) aims at promoting the furniture industry in Romania, by encouraging a positive dialogue between internal and external partners, besides employee training. This year PIATRAONLINE joined the 42 companies – members of the association. Members are focused on a strong connection between the mail players in the field and a consistent approach of relationships between suppliers and customers, for an increased competition of Romanian products on the local market and also abroad. 



In such a context, PIATRAONLINE has enthusiastically accepted the membership proposal, with its 10 years of experience in the field of natural stone, which also includes the concept and production of furniture pieces cladded with natural stone and revolutionary SKIN flexible slate, an added value for the furniture industry in Romania.


Topics covered:

1. Attendance to internal fairs (Expo Furniture and BIFE)

2. Complete analysis of the companies prepared to get involved (direct visits to potential partners)

3. Identifying alternative channels for raising awareness in the furniture industry about the pressure exterted upon furniture manufacurers by the suppliers of raw materials (specific situations of abusive increase of prices).

4. Deficiency of qualified personnel and the attempt to convince young graduates/workers to join the industry

5. Identifying foreign integrators and inviting them to join the ACRM group of companies

6. Methods for purchasing common products/furniture or non-furniture services



PIATRAONLINE and natural stone furniture


For the Romanian Furniture Club Association, PIATRAONLINE contributed with the quality standards granted by the Marble Institute of America and the know-how of SKIN flexible slate, a revolutionary product and a perfect match for the most rigorous demands of the world's furniture industry. Due to its amazing flexibility, wide color variation and natural stone durability, SKIN flexible slate can clad almost any type of furniture, rendering an amazing, very pleasant look.


PIATRAONLINE’s proficiency in the furniture industry also include cladding techniques, decoration and intarsia of natural stone in wood. An evidence of this proficiency is the project of kitchen furniture cladded with natural stone, a collaboration with EUPHORIA, but also the category of Volakas Marble furniture.



We are convinced that all these techniques, materials and processes from PIATRAONLINE portfolio will stimulate the furniture industry in Romania, attracting even more customers and partners to this dynamic, contemporary and spectacular area of furniture elements.


The participants to the A.C.R.M. meeting hosted by PIATRAONLINE were: Dan Nae (Global Design) Mihai Toma (Intermedio), Daniel Florescu (Kinnarps), Florin Secara (Idezio), Doru Dascalu (Atipic), Andrei Constantinescu (BDLemn Tech), Carolina Cocis (Casa Codex), Luminita Popescu (Disenate), Andrei Zamfir (Malexi), Dinu Dumitrescu (Metric), Marian Nechifor (Transparent Design), Radu Lazar (E-Laborator Feeria), Cornel Vacariu (MGM), Sergiu Constantinescu-Bradescu (PIATRAONLINE).

Monthly meeting of the Romanian Furniture Club Association at PIATRAONLINE
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