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Natural stone walls for small bathrooms decoration projects


Decoration projects for apartment bathrooms has always been an issue, for which there is no simple solution. Sanitary ware market have developed products designed for such bathrooms, yet their design is irrelevant and different from customers’ requests. Small bathrooms have usually monobloc sink faucets for saving space. In here we find common shapes, with minimal variations of design. So, we realize that it is difficult to customize a small bathroom, yet we might find a solution in cladding. Besides adding value to your bathroom, using natural stone tiles conveys a personal touch, turning it into an aestethic area, apart from the practical facet.


1. Indirect illumination

2. Walk-in shower enclosure

3. Minor color variation

4. Choosing the right accessories



Wall cladding in bathroom requires rather small size tiles, even panels or mosaic, because of their lower weight, compared to large tiles.  Wall cladded with travertine mosaic conveys an archaic touch into any bathroom, marble mosaic tiles with herringbone pattern gives the sensation of space and Rodon Dizzy Marble Mosaic with polished and soft finish will create a special look for your walls. Small tiles claddings, such as Multicolor Tumbled Slate are recommended for creating a feeling of extra space and Latte Tumbled Travertine with 1 cm thickness, for delivering a genuine ambience.


Claddings with small tiles of limestone, 1 cm thickness, soft color, conveys a feeling of extended space and Pebble Onyx Small Tumbled Mosaic delivers an exotic touch for your bathroom. Diamond tyle layout (diagonal), although more tile consuming, has the advantage of offering an excess of space into the room. Quartzite panels, as well as those of slate, 15 x 60 cm size, using subway layout, creates an illusion, by drawing attention to the entire settting, which makes the space seem larger.  


Walls cladded with natural stone tiles require waterproofing, preferably immediately after installation. This procedure protects walls from water and stains and you are only supposed to clean it with professional detergents.



Next stages in bathroom decoration project after cladding, is not necessarily easy, but here are some ideas for helping you with the right decision.

1. Indirect illumination – imagined for highlighting the cladding and also to enlarge the spaces. Niche LED strips, which makes only the light visible, is an important option that provides privacy more than cold light sources based on inert gases.


2. Walk-in shower enclosure – helpful for small bathrooms because the absence of doors and wall-mounted profiles rejects the idea of dividing which leads to minimizing spaces. As a result, we have the benefit of open spaces, which reduces the fear (phobia) of small spaces. 


3. Minor color variation – it is useful for small spaces, where a wide array of colors stimulates the feeling of cluttering. Therefore, wall cladding with minor color variation (limestone is the most appropriate example) declutters your spaces, making it seem larger.


4. Choosing the right accessories – must be compatible with the existing space. A large towel holder, a two rolls paper holder, a solid paper towel dispenser are large and unnecessary accessories. Small size accessories or even eliminating them partially are the most suitable choices.


PIATRAONLINE recommends natural stone cladding for your bathroom. Visit our website for a complete range of product, or get in touch with us by email at export@piatraonline.com or by phone at +40.318.222.333

Natural Stone in Small Bathrooms
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