Natural Stone in the new top luxury Bentley models

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Natural Stone in the new top luxury Bentley models

Bentley cars are famous for their elegance and luxury displayed with every detail. Top luxury options and comfort establish Bentley as a member in the limited class of the most exclusive cars. And when it comes to raising the standards with special options, you have many solutions competing for the title of most appealing. Exotic wood is out of fashion as luxury options, therefore other materials had to be considered, so we arrived at natural stone.

In 2004 Mercedes Benz took car fans by surprise when they announced granite insertions for door panels, dashboard and console, but more recently Bentley introduced flexible slate as a luxury option for Flying Spur and Continental GT models. Keep in mind that this is not a standard feature. Flexible slate was used for decorating dashboards of these 2 models, result of working with Mulliner specialist, Bentley bespoke division.

Just like SKIN Flexible Slate Veneer from PIATRAONLINE range of products, this slate used for decorating Bentley limousines was split in 2 fine sheets, 1 mm thickness each and reinforced with polyester resin. As a result, natural stone multiplies durability with a much needed flexibility, not only for interior and exterior decoration projects, but also in automotive industry.

The fact that such a famous luxury car manufacturer included flexible slate in interior design of vehicles is, if you want, one more confirmation for promoting it as a high quality material. Keep in mind that recently, this blog featured an article on using flexible slate in the footwear industry.

And most definitely, the number of industries that will resort to the flexibility and durability of natural stone will be constantly growing in the future.

Until then, for any concerns, questions or orders related to flexible slate, you can get in touch with us over the phone: +40318.222.333, email: or better visit our showroom in 137 A Aleea Teisani, District 1, Bucharest.

Flexible slate is used with practical no restrictions in interior or exterior decoration projects, for claddings such as: walls, furniture pieces or fireplaces. Having a fine thickness of only 1.2 – 2 mm, SKIN Flexible Slate Veneer can be installed on smooth and curved surfaces. It is a very light, fireproof and waterproof material.

Even though is waterproof, we recommend sealing it with professional products, easy to find in exclusive shops and suppliers of natural stone.

Flexible slate is very easy to install, simply fix it with adhesive. SKIN Flexible Slate Veneer should have also a translucent version for each model, with sheets able to create truly spectacular decoration projects, when illuminated from behind.

Follow this link, for discovering the entire range of SKIN Flexible Slate Veneer from PIATRAONLINE.

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