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At the beginning of civilization, the primitives used the stone for shelter and hunt. Later, discovering with surprise the qualities and diversity of this material, people have come to understand their paradoxical essence: hardness and malleability. Since then, for thousands of years, working with natural stone has achieved incredible refinement for our ancestors. We have on one hand the art of housing construction, road, temples and bridges, and then, the art itself.
Having a double quality, practical and aesthetical, natural stone has always been part of human life. And in this long, fabulous, winding, imaginative and colorful route of the stone, a small, modest but brilliant point, over thousands of years, this is us, PIATRAONLINE.

For 10 years we have brought the natural stone close to Romanian people to satisfy their taste for beauty, innovation and modernity in environmental design. We know that a 10 years period, compared to tens of thousands of years, might be little - a small point, as we were saying - but this is only the beginning. This is our philosophy at PIATRAONLINE. And we strive to take our project forward.

With regard to this, we wanted to mark the 10 years of presence on the Romanian and European market of interior and exterior decorations by way of several events. One of these events is the launch of a limited edition, a special collection of Tohani wines, with the name "10 Years - PIATRAOLINE".
It is easy to understand where this association comes from. Tohani vineyards means tradition, passion, creativity, respect for the fruits of the earth, modern attitude. All are values that unite us, values we believe in.

Natural stone and wine are themselves two products that have long gone along the long road of History. Together they refined and refined the taste of people. Sheltered by a stone house, tasting a glass of good wine with friends - 5-6000 years ago.

Today is the same thing, the only difference is that both products have reached the highest degree of subtlety, delicacy and quality performance. Wine and natural stone alongside a civilization, marking without doubt the culture and mentality of modern man.

Our journey continues. Cheers!

PIATRAONLINE - 10 years special edition of wines
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