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PIATRAONLINE and “Save the Children” Romania, together for a better world

publicat in: Uncategorized // Publicata pe 25.11.2016

With this material we take pride in attenting a major event in Romania – "Christmas Trees Festival" organized by "Save the Children" Romania, NGO, for supporting children without access to education.


15 editions. 3.3 million euros. 25,685 Children

"Christmas Trees Festival" is an event organized by "Save the Children" Romania for raising funds and helping disadvantaged children to go to school and discover fresh things, while preparing for life. The main idea behind this event, successfully implemented in all 15 editions of the festival, is simple and meaningful. Famous Romanian designers participate and decorate the Christmas trees that will be later sold by auction during a Gala evening, in order to gather funds for "Save the Children" Romania.



Over the years, "Save the Children" has gathered with this Christmas Trees Festival approximately 3.3 million EUR, helping more than 25,685 children, by educational programs such as summer kindergartens, Second Chance program and School after School.


The 6th edition, plans to support with different programs 2,000 children from disadvantaged communities and their families. In 2016, thanks to the money raised in the previous edition, "Save the Children" managed to support 2,425 children, of which 705 benefited from support for the Summer Kindergarten Program, 210 were reintegrated by the Second Chance Program and 1,510 children benefited from support in the school dropout prevention program, called School after School.


52% from the Romanian children are exposed to poverty risk and social exclusion

We are glad that we can help, at least some of these children, PIATRAONLINE team being convinced of the importance of first steps in shaping a destiny. Because education is essential for a society to evolve and without education a society will not overcome discrimination. For this purpose, 16 years in a row, Christmas Tree Festival has become a landmark-event, placing spotlight on the children’s right to a fair education.


Under these circumstances, we gladly accepted the proposal to participate in the "Christmas Trees Festival" on behalf of PIATRAONLINE, with an unconventional tree made of SKIN flexible slate. The flexibility and special durability of this slate allowed the execution of the design imagined by Architect Eduard Baicu Stanescu, Phenomena Laboratory, responsible with designing our showroom and many other projects.


Education – the cornerstone

Similar to a natural stone, only supposedly rigid, that can borrow many shapes for refreshing and warming up any space, we have faith in the power of persuasion and human capacity to adapt for everyday life. And in this context, education is the best way to succeed, as the cornerstone for a better life.


The story of the HOPE Christmas Tree, a project designed by Phenomena and PIATRAONLINE:


Around Christmas, even people with hearts of stone feel the love and become better persons, paying more attention to the loved ones and attending for those in need.


If the rigid and cold stone can sometimes be warm, flexible and alive, then there is still hope in each of us!

PIATRAONLINE and “Save the Children” Romania, together for a better world
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