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Romania is still far from being a country where you can constantly identify daring architectural projects and unique interior design. The interior design market is hardly evolving and not because of the designers, but due to customers, usually guided by prejudices and obsolete ideas from the last century. On this blog we have attempted and will always try to present examples of interior and exterior designs that are popular all over the world. We are happy whenever the PIATRAONLINE customers ask questions about a specific type of natural stone for a decoration project in their homes or their office, just like the ones they noticed in a post on our website. In this article, we have four new examples that can be inspirational for projects that will not look like they were made in the mid-20th century.

1. Inside the shapes. The India House.

Padival House is a building in Belgaum, a city in India, set up by a local interior design office. The concept is based on two directions: 1) maintaining the architectural approach of the neighborhood, by a white color and the wall texture, at the same time with 2) distinguishing itself from the overlapping volumetric shapes, with different dimensions.

If the outside appearance is more or less offensive, the interior adds more creativity. The material section, although very heterogeneous if you make a list, manages to achieve a perfect interior design, both volumetric, colorful and textural.

Besides concrete, we find also metal, wood and natural stone, the marble cladding being one of the important touches. We should also emphasize the part reserved for the light by the creators of this space. It is a light that helps to modify colors depending on the moments of the day.

2. An unusual clinic on the Texan hillsides

The Americans at the Matt Fajkus Architecture office have chosen an unusual design for a dermatology clinic in Marble Falls, Texas. If on the outside, the grey concrete fits perfectly into the landscape due to its color, the simple form represents a point of attraction, in relation to the hill that holds the clinic. However, the simplicity solution for the rectangular shapes and no different volumes, proves to be a very inspired, because a road passes in front of the building.

The simple color and geometry of the building is in perfect harmony with the flat and grey road that leads to Austin. If the external simplicity and subtlety of the shapes define the personality of the building, in the interior decoration things are exactly opposite. The setting with almost 3,000 square meters is based on the comfort of wood and natural stone. Natural stone cladding induces a feeling of comfort and safety for the clinic patients. This clinic has nothing to do with the typical image of those types of clinics.

The interior decoration is based on ample spaces that relaxes the visitor but, at the same time forms aesthetic "extensions" of the open spaces around the building. The "Westlake Dermatology Marble Falls" Clinic is a perfect example of a combining a building's purpose with the natural environment.

3. A restaurant like a flower. Swiss Alps.

If you happen to visit Monte Generoso, on the border between Switzerland and Italy, it would be a good idea to stop at “Fiore di Pietra” (“stone flower” in Italian) restaurant. You will see from afar, at 1,700 meters altitude, its architecture appearing like a stone flower at the top of the mountains.

The exterior is cladded with natural stone, having a finish that highlights its rugged texture. The stone is the element of continuity with the landscape, while the shape conveys personality to this construction: an opulent moderation. As frozen and austere is the exterior appearance, the interior is so inviting that it is made of wood, metal and natural stone.

4. Mediterranean house in the mountains. Switzerland.

Not even 70 km from Monte Generoso is Lake Maggiore. Surrounded by the mountains, on the border between Italy and Switzerland, this lake is known as a jewel of nature. In such a dream ambience, the houses maintain the look that became a trademark of the area. Nevertheless, you will also find here architectural innovations. In the Swiss city of Ascona, a private residence rejects all the traditional values of a mountain village, being decorated in a totally different style.

Among the palm trees and other plants in the South, the mountain terraces became Mediterranean terraces. The walls are cladded with polygonal stone installed with large joints, and also the outdoor terraces and the paths. Even for the interior, the natural stone was used a lot, which creates a comfortable contrast between the hardness of the natural stone and the delicacy of the contemporary materials.

For more ideas regarding houses decoration projects for the interior and exterior with natural stone, you can give us a call at +40.318.222.333 or e-mail us at export@piatraonline.com.

Photo Source: dezeen.com

4 Buildings for Architectural Inspiration in 2018
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