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Lex Pot and the stone “Fragments” that becomes works of art for your house


One of the elements that fulfill a house, turning it into a personal and intimate place we call home, is furniture. A furniture piece designed for your space is an instant point of attraction. Those living elements that "fill the setting" are a requisite, yet have the potential of transforming the ambiance of your home, conveying a status of retreat. Did you know that areas and elements that make up these spaces have the power of altering our emotions, our states and every day of our lives?


Every day should begin with your favorite table, sitting on the chair specially designed for you, with the best coffee drank from the most cofortable mug ever created, while enjouy a taste and moment exactly the way you like it. And that day would be a normal day. We humans use and live with the space that surrounds us, including also the elements that make up that space. If you have not yet found your ideal piece, we propose you a marble piece Volakas "Moon" that will carry you in an authentic story - from the moon and back to the natural stone. A simple design, but as natural and functional as possible, the elements in the "Moon" collection are those elegant touches that will transform your every day.


Following the fast pace we proceed as a society, we should keep in mind that pieces of furniture benefit from a constant evolution, year after year – from the basic service to the luxury symbol; from minimalist design to the most complex ones; from natural materials to artificial ones. All these stages of evolution are taking place due to our needs, so that we get to feel the comfort of our own space. We can choose to fill the space with dead elements of artificial materials that have only one function or we can choose natural materials that give life. To achieve these things, we often need an expert or at least to be connected with this world for finding inspiration.


Each house is different, just like every fragment of stone is unique in this universe. You can choose to be the same or you can be authentic.


Discover the series of objects made of natural stone and find inspiration for your house!


Lex Pott, a designer who conquered the stone and was included on our list for #generatinginspiration, understood the essential close connection between natural materials, design and functionality for giving people a rich experience in their own house. Moreover, his creations are a celebration of the core in a raw material – wood and natural stone. Born in Holland in 1985, in a family of artists, Lex was subjected to creativity ever since his young age. After attending the classes of Eindhoven’s Design Academy, he decide to master his studies, focusing on the principles of design and the use of natural materials in raw form – a revolutionary combination. Therefore, with his graduation project, which includes an oversized stone table and wooden shelves, he opens the topic on sustainability. Continuing with this, but surpassing some design barriers, Lex Pott gets to be noticed with innovative projects and unique pieces that push the boundaries of design virtually beyond the known.


One of his projects "Fragments" is made of natural stone – green, white, black and brown marble and Belgium bluestone. The inspiration for these works of art originated in quarries and the way stone breaks when extracted from large stone blocks. The stone pieces render precisely the natural flaws of this material – the inborn cracks, the broken veins and raw lines. These pieces display a beauty obtained by preserving natural material in pure condition and lies at the boundary between design and art. Stone fragments represent an open dialogue between nature and geometry. You can study also the process of transforming natural stone – both in polished tiles and irregular surfaces. The objects created by Lex are perfectly functional elements for decoration project, but can only be used to fill a void with the pure beauty of natural materials.


Another project of his is "Reflections”, highlighting the natural stone and functionality of objects that can be used only for decoration. The idea originated from a bookmatch technique used in the natural stone and wood industry, when a block is cut in two and creates a mirrored pattern. Pott is famous for the fact that his main source of inspiration are natural materials and the spontaneity refected in his works. "Reflections" is composed of a façade made of marble, by bookmatching technique and 6 shelves. For the 6 shelves, the marble at the top is replaced with a mirror for creating an artificial reflection. Due to the imaginary space created by the mirror, the object becomes complete.


Each piece made by Lex Pott is unique in its own way because it manages to highlight both the material and the design. With the right hands, natural stone is brought to life with unusual shapes. If you are fascinated by his creations, allow us to impress with an impressive collection of beautiful marble furniture pieces for your home – from a sumptuous library, to coffee table and dining room from the “Moon” collection or a kitchen fully cladded  with black marble. We even considered the warm days, when you would like to spend your time outdoors and we've sketched a series of natural stone garden benches.


Natural stone is #generatinginspiration for your home and your lifestyle!

Discover the beauty of natural stone furniture
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