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Major design changes are coming to PIATRAONLINE showroom

publicat in: Uncategorized // Publicata pe 13.03.2018

Celebrated in 2017, the 10 years of activity for PIATRAONLINE in Romania, went beyond brand acknowledgment, because it also transformed people’s perception on natural stone. Last year, PIATRAONLINE launched the first natural stone pavilion in Romania and the largest of its kind in Eastern Europe, a unique concept that complemented wonderfully our two-floor showroom.

As we promised when we launched the pavilion, since the beginning of this year, PIATRAONLINE started developing the project on what you might call a major face lift of our showroom. We began optimizing the space with two main targets, both associated with our growing business and the organic need to innovate constantly.

"Our plans involve mainly the way we relate to natural stone, the way we discover a natural material. You have to come to discover it, get close to it, perceive its texture and every drop of color – and only then you will get to understand it. So, getting closer would be the first aspect to take into account.

The other approach, equally important, is to facilitate, for all of our customers, the access to the latest payment and digital analysis for decorations options. We will demonstrate that our headline "Generating Inspiration" is backed up by reality and we are always concerned to offer our customers the best products and services, already certified worldwide." Mariana Bradescu-Constantinescu, Managing Partner PIATRAONLINE.

PIATRAONLINE Showroom Decoration Project First floor (making of)


The contribution of technology in managing the new showroom will be essential, with the ground floor almost entirely (90%) transformed, an area that could be rightfully called "the first digital showroom for natural stone in Romania". With this concept, PIATRAONLINE offers more freedom of choice to customers along with further independence for the fans of natural stone towards over 1 500 products in our portfolio.

There will be more product information, to specify the decoration potential of each item. At the same time, the customer will have the option to initiate an order, even without the assistance of a sales consultant.

The redecoration from the first floor is based on facilitating a direct contact between the fans of natural stone and their passion. Usually you ignore the fact that the interior and exterior decoration projects are basically related to the texture of the material and the energy it conveys in that area. And these features of natural stone can only be discovered when examining it up-close.

PIATRAONLINE Showroom Decoration Project First floor (making of)


Thus, the first floor of PIATRAONLINE showroom will soon have a new area, called "Generating Inspiration", which will include 6 concept spaces, made from innovative materials and atypical decoration projects. In there, the customers will discover the materials entered in the PIATRAONLINE portfolio over the past 2 years. These materials are among the most interesting and popular all over the world. So, the transformation of our showroom is also accompanied by an introduction to the latest trends of decoration projects.

The responsible for designing and coordinating these ample and detailed works was Eduard Baicu Stanescu - Phenomena Laboratory, the same architect who created the showroom design four years ago and imagined the pavilion last year.

"We tried to make the available space as efficient as possible, for an even better visitor experience. At the same time, the newly assembled panels have been cladded with world-class materials and patterns that fit the latest trends. Thus, besides the materials, the visitors will discover at PIATRAONLINE design ideas such as patterns for mixing tiles, colors and textures " (Arch. Eduard Baicu Stanescu - Phenomena Laboratory)

PIATRAONLINE Showroom Decoration Project First floor (making of)

Another objective for these transformations, only allegedly marginal, is the growing business, mentioned at the beginning, which also implies increasing the number of employees. Judging by the visible evolution of the natural stone market in Romania, PIATRAONLINE anticipate a further development of its team, therefore we are preparing a new showroom configuration for the future members, both on the ground floor and on the first floor.

All these transformations are expected to be completed by the end of March. At this time, we will return with a new article and updated pictures.


Major design changes are coming to PIATRAONLINE showroom
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