Whisky stones are the new ice cubes

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Whisky stones are the new ice cubes

People who appreciate a fine drink know that temperature is an extremely important factor in preserving the flavor. If the red wine has to be served at room temperature and the white wine enjoyed cold when it comes to spirits, the options are very different: at room temperature, cold, with or without ice, with or without lemon etc.

Of all these "approaches" of taste, ice plays the main part. Yet ice is not only about cooling the content, but also a decrease, by the water intake, of the taste and the smell. And then, in order to be influenced only by the temperature, whisky stones (made from natural stone) enter the stage.

Whisky is the drink enjoyed often with ice. The image of a whisky glass with ice cubes rolling or ice cubes flooded by the dark brown drink has long been popular in popular culture. At first, the ice offers a suitable temperature to the drink, but later, when ice starts to melt, the flavor and taste lose power, up to a point when they are no longer perceived.
The solution of whisky stones terminate these faults: the experience of taste remains the same and the temperature is the optimal one.

Natural stone cubes can be used for cooling the spirits as well as white wine. These cubes can be made of marble, basalt, onyx, granite etc. are easy to handle and have a very long life. They should be left in the freezer for at least 4 hours, after which they can provide a gradual decrease in the temperature of the alcohol for 5 minutes. Afterwards, are very easy to wash and can be used again without any problem.

Besides, the small pieces of natural stone that successfully replace the ice can have different shapes besides the square one: cylindrical, spherical, multifaceted ... These stones are often nicely packed in elegant sets that can be offered as gifts for any type of event, both for family members, but also for co-workers or business partners.

Natural stone also proves to be a useful, extremely durable product with a fascinating practical versatility. You have to admit that the image of a whisky glass with 2 or 3 cubes of white marble, gray granite or yellow onyx has a strong impact, conveying both style and luxury. Cheers!

Photo source: epicurious.com, notonthehighstreet, amazon.com, pinterest.com, bestproducts.com

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