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2017 Trends in Interior Design and the World of Harry Potter

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According to predictions, the interior design trends for 2017 will be amazing. People who already noticed the growing share of inventive, almost strange decorative objects (lamps in the shape of monkeys holding a bulb in their hands, tables that look like sleeping bears etc.) could have anticipated by now the changes for this year. And we can expect that the new trends of 2017 to continue, even more daring, in the following years. For 2017, the interior and exterior design trends could be included in the ... "fantasy" category!



It is not at all random that 20 years after the launch of the Harry Potter series – which triggered a huge paradigm shift in the global collective imagination, the interior design has come to focus around this diversified concept of the fantasy world. "This trend highlights an interesting update of the art-deco style in the 1970s, mixing the simplicity of forms from that time frame with an almost compulsive concern for details. And the massive cladding, very popular lately, is abandoned, with the focus being shift on the subtlety of combinations and the connections between colors and finishes.“ (Architect Eduard Baicu Stanescu, Phenomena Laboratory).



Diversity of finishes and textures

In such a context, natural stone turns into a very suitable material for a space in line with the latest trends. And besides, it is obvious that not only fashion matters here, but the huge diversity and availability for mix and match of the natural stone.


We are talking about "diversity of finishes" from this very material, according to Mariana Bradescu-Constantinescu, managing Partner PIATRAONLINE: "Trends in interior and exterior design for 2017 prove once again, if needed, that natural stone is a solution at hand regardless of current shifts in design. The "Fantasy" style represents a wide open path to creativity. The diversity of finishes will dominate the current shift in design, with glossy tiles installed alongside brushed or honed tiles, splitface mosaics next to glossy products and daring grouts with a wide color variation. And as I mentioned earlier, mixing different sizes and finishes from a single material is highly recommended, instead of mixing two-three materials in a single decoration project."




This simplicity of cladding has a purpose, because the background must be as neutral as possible, so that furniture and decoration elements are allowed to transmit feelings without restrictions. The natural stone cladding is the point of attraction – the more carefully chosen these combinations of natural stones, the more comfortable the space will be, with a more pleasant and intimate visual impact. Hence the major importance of natural stone textures. We expect rough finishes (splitface, tumbled) will remain popular in the near future. Even the furniture upholstery or drapes will have many textures.


Color of the year 2017 in interior design

The color of the year 2017 is greenery (a shade of green). And if the shades of green are the current trends in interior design, then natural stone that "fits" perfect with it are different type of marble, such as: Calacatta, Volakas, Thassos, Cleopatra, Nero Marquina, Tundra Grey, but also granite, with Rock Star Grey as an excellent match. Our recommendations are based on two facts: some products have light green touches, others are a perfect match, in terms of color, for green elements. Other experts have predicted a comeback of honed white color for decoration objects, which is somewhat expected, as long as white has always been present in the area of fantasy and Sci-Fi related design. And if the trend is confirmed, Thassos marble will be a sure hit and Volakas marble furniture will easily find its place in this context. 


So, in 2017 natural stone will be the background for an interior design with fantasy touch. A successful decoration project is highlighted by the perfect balance between natural stone vertical and horizontal cladding and the furniture, distances and the configuration of the setting. Always have a careful eye for details when choosing your natural stone!



The personality and natural stone

Perhaps one of the most difficult choices for a space decoration project is identifying the ambience, which, besides being comfortable, should also reflect one’s personality. And this trend, called "Fantasy" for now, is easily adjustable. I mean, for example, a rigid personality will be able to choose sharp chromatic and geometric rhythms with aggressive contrasts: a room wall cladded with Mint Green Slate, white furniture or a space cladding (not entirely) with Noisette Multicolored Riven Slate associated with Mint Green Slate, set against stainless steel furniture with curvy lines... An euphoric personality might go for Fantastico Juparana polished granite, onyx slabs or why not, oriental terrazzo, while a melancholic person might try Brown Slate Wall Cladding panel or Metaksi Quartzite Wall Cladding Panel, able to highlight better the green color.



Instead of conclusions

A mix of colors and textures, having green as dominant color (it was also announced the honed white). Creativity of decoration elements set against a background of natural stone claddings, neutral or with the widest possible color variation, yet carefully chosen, with the emphasis on mixing different textures and finishes. Since the fantasy world is targetted with these new trends for interior and exterior design for 2017, this means there are many things to do from now on, considering the diversity of natural stone.


Read also the article Apartment design: ideas for a successful project!


For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

2017 Trends in Interior Design and the World of Harry Potter
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