Beckham Creek Cave Lodge - The world's most incredible and exclusive hotel (1)

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Beckham Creek Cave Lodge - The world's most incredible and exclusive hotel (1)

A unique, extremely elegant hotel built in a cave on a 6,000 sq. m. area. A few minutes from the Buffalo National River Valley, in the Ozark Mountains (Arkansas), in a natural setting of great diversity, combining rivers running deep with steep slopes, is Beckham Creek Cave Lodge. As you will see, impressive is not only the top quality comfort, but also the incredible relaxing atmosphere that includes all the rooms decorated in the underground of stone. Interesting is also the history of the place, as you will see below.

Four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room - all with maximum comfort. Nothing seems to be missing from here, starting with the most modern bathroom and kitchen utilities, to the balanced lighting system. It is to be appreciated how light placed pointly or as a mass ("light bath") is used in a spectacular and practical way associated with the texture of limestone walls. Although artificial, the light projected on the stone walls, seems so natural in a perfect symbiosis with those.

The extremely varied shape of the walls becomes the ideal background for the minimalist furniture. The combination of stone with wood, glass, stainless steel and wrought iron results in a welcoming atmosphere, so even many claustrophobes can forget their fears here. Or at least they can feel them with less acuity.

Of course, there are also here polygonal stone, travertine, marble or granite, used for cladding and flooring. Another source of comfort is the absence of any excess in the area of chromatic combinations. Every corner of the cave hotel has a very good balance of colors. Natural stones (travertine, marble, etc.) resonate perfectly, as supposedly, alongside the ceiling and the corner walls.

Recent history for this place begins in 1983, when John Hay, the owner of the Celestial Seasonings Natural Tea Company, watched on television the movie “The Day After” about the nuclear holocaust. As the conflict with Russia continued to escalate (the Cold War), Hay was also drawn to the fear of Armageddon's approach. All over the United States, fallout shelters were built, more or less improvised, so Hay decided he would have to invest in a bunker like that.

So he got to buy the Beckham Creek cave with all of the land, the property stretching over 97 hectares, which he paid 146,000 USD. There has been a $ 2 million investment in setting up the cave as a real shelter for a nuclear attack: independent power supply and water. It covered the cave entrance with a 1 meter thick concrete wall and many other alterations.

Cold War faded in 1989 and Hay sells the place to an anonymous Mr. Richardson who turns the cave out of the fallout shelter into a nightclub. More than 250 guests, attend the club's inauguration, including Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Elizabeth Taylor.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge is designed for a "standard" accommodation of 8 people in bedrooms, however the space allows for another 8, without too much effort in the living area.

The price? 1200 USD / day. A unique adaptation of the Stone Age for the Beginning of the Third Millennium, Beckham Creek Cave Lodge deserves to be present on your list of places worth visiting ... at least in transit. Happy Journey!

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