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Best decorative paints for interior and exterior decoration projects

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Decorative paints for interior and exterior decoration projects


The materials you use for your decoration project become a basic part of it. No matter if we are talking about an exterior or interior decoration project, materials represent an accent that transform your house into a home. Do you ever considered the use of natural stone for your home and garden decoration project? Now it's time to complement your design with decorative paints.


Decorative paints represent the final coat to be applied on facades and interiors, underlined by a specific touch for the interior decoration projects, considering their wide color variation and the relavence for any design. Nevertheless, the benefits will not stop here. Decorative paints have also practical features, such as protection against weather conditions, when used for exterior decoration.


However you decide to apply it, first and foremost you should consider some aspects, for a unique design of the interior and exterior of your home.


Interior decoration projects, perfect to the smallest detail


The interior design of your home is you, to the same extent as the furniture, carpets, windows – the walls have the same importance as any other element. The walls are basically a canvas, the areas for painting in any color and creating any design you like. With decorative paints, customizing the interior walls becomes even easier.



With decorative plasters, you will be able to design original spaces in your home, underlined by natural, raw accents. The consequence is a minimalist design with a natural touch. Applying mortar over fine plaster will highlight a rustic look while the acrylic decorative plaster conveys a contradictory touch of heat and hardness, a perfect match for accents with stone, no matter if we refer to a flooring, cladding or basic decoration.


Decorative paints – beauty and exterior


From the entrance, the first thing you notice is the design of your home. Besides the importance of exterior design, there are also the finishes, which complement your design. Finished are ment to seamlessly integrate into the setting, in harmony with the garden and its landscaping. Available in a wide color variation, decorative paints for the exterior represent the final touch for balancing your home with nature, helping to create a particular, balanced visual impact.



Besides the visual impact, exterior decorative plaster have some essential features. Applying it on the façade of your house or fence will seal the surface in a special way, with enhanced durability against UV rays and microorganisms – so you will have a great home!


Composition tailored to your needs


The type of decorative plaster you use for your home is essential for the final look and the ambience. Composition and plaster texture are available in 3 variants:


- Acrylic decorative plaster – made from acrylic resins, additives and different particle size;


- Decorative mosaic plaster – made from synthetic resin and different colors minerals;


- Silicone decorative plaster – based on acrylic and silicone resins, with marble of different particle size.


Depending on the effect you want to achieve with decorative plaster, you can choose one of the 3 types of granulation:


- Fine granulation – for a smooth look; suitable for modern and minimalistic designs, with straight lines and masculine touches;


- grain of rice – for a consistent look; slightly harder granulation, this plaster comes to complement a natural design, closer to nature;


- tree bark – ribbed look; more suitable for exterior, conveying a feeling of ribs and creating an inviting air.



Decorative paints are available in a wide range of colors and textures, for a perfect match with any type of interior and exterior design. Because of their texture, these represent the best choice for complementing the touch from the stone finishes, in an area either modern, rustic or traditional.


Whether you want to highlight certain elements of your home, whether you want them on second place in terms of visual, you will surely find a paint to match your wishes.

Best decorative paints for interior and exterior decoration projects
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