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How to decorate a narrow bathroom? Interior Design Tricks

publicat in: Bathroom // Publicata pe 29.11.2018

Ideas for narrow bathroom decoration


Narrow bathrooms are a challenge for interior designers. Because there is limited space and you need to accommodate all the necessary sanitary ware, while also trying to create an oasis of relaxation that is both useful and these are all divergent conditions, rather difficult to satisfy. Therefore, a narrow bathroom decoration project is usually analyzed on three directions:


• How to decorate a small bathroom for maximizing the space?

• How to create the illusion of extended space?

• What colors to use for a narrow bathroom?


Finding the right answers to these essential questions makes the difference between a useful space, decorated for a positive mood and a space where joint property and discordances generate additional stress.


1. Decoration project of a narrow bathrooms for maximizing space

Essentially, a small space remains small, in spite of our best efforts, yet we have methods for creating an illusion of extended space. On the other hand, you will need an expert for installing the sanitary ware, because when optimizing the available space, you might need to adjust piping route or move the position of drainage. Since sanitary ware have significant volumes, will occupy significant spaces. Bathroom decoration ideas are plenty but first, we need to take care of the layout. Every bathroom includes a WC, bathroom sink and bath tub / shower enclosure. Choosing a layout for WC vessel depends on the sewage location, because you have it there already since the construction phase, no matter if we talk about an apartment or a house. The sewage with its 100 mm pipe allows drainage into the floor or wall, directly from WC body using a hose. For that reason, WC must be located near the sewage. There are several options for installing it: two-piece, wall mounted or with recessed tank. Any of these options will occupy pace, therefore for restricted spaces are recommended WC vessels with recessed tank or wall mounted. Also a corner location might save space. Using masks for drain pipes shrinks space, yet laying out the WC in a side of a mask, might lead to saved space. When choosing a two-piece WC, you might save by using the vertical area above the reservoir. Here you can install a suspended system of shelves, liquidating the one under the sink. A bathroom sink will also occupy space, so the best options are: wall mounted and vessel, avoiding over countertop bathroom sinks because these occupy plenty of space. In narrow bathrooms using hand washers instead of bathroom sinks is recommended. With smaller size, this allows sink faucet to be placed sideways, perhaps in a corner. For the furniture under the bathroom sink, small sizes are recommended, because extended storage spaces are to be avoided. The largest size element in a narrow bathroom is the bathtub. As an alternative, a shower enclosure can be considered because it will save you enough space. Although the modern shapes of bathtubs allows to be installed in narrow places, these will consume plenty of space anyway. Therefore, shower enclosures, with adaptable size and shapes for narrow bathrooms, are preferred. It is recommended to separate those from the rest of the room by transparent glass panels, avoiding opaque panells and especially avoiding curtains. Transparent glass panels will allow light to pass, giving the sensation of more space while the curtains will make the bathroom seem narrower. An illusion of an extended space can be also obtained with mirrors.



These can be laid out above the bathroom sink but you can also use another area; selecting a mirror shaped as a rectangle with the large side on the vertical, makes a narrow bathroom seem higher. Another tip for bathroom decoration with the illusion of space enhancement implies the light sources and illumination. Using intense light sources allows to highlight small spaces, thus virtually expanded. Reducing accesories to a minimum required, as well as vertical installation (where possible), allows a better space management. The space above WC vessel usually allows to install shelves where you can desposit many things, useful in any bathroom. A small cabinet, attached to an unused wall can be a useful storage space, replacing the toilet paper support, usually wall mounted and close to WC. The soapbox can be replaced with a wall-mounted, soap dispenser. For towels, you can use towel radiator and for toiletries such as shampoo, shower gel and so on, use a wire basket, hanged by the shower enclosure. For cladding, the choice is yours. The most common bathroom decoration projects use ceramic tiles, glazed and porcelain. They have the advantage of easier aftercare and disadvantage of not allowing walls to breathe by affecting their permeability, an important detail nowadays, when the target is an optimum ratio between humidity – heat – ventilation. Instead, natural stone tiles are used, with the benefit of allowing walls to breathe, because this is a natural material and besides you will avoid chromatic monotony, typical for manufactured tiles. The natural stone selected for narrow bathrooms claddings should be small size, creating the illusion of an extended virtual space. The recommended installation patterns are herringbone and weaved, both making the areas seem bigger.  



2. What about the recommended colors in a narrow bathroom?  

The most popular trick for this refers to comfortable use, associated with comfort and privacy. So, we recommend a careful selection of the color for flooring and cladding. Anatomy and physics studies combined revealed that human eye perceives white painted spaces as larger and this is also valid for other soft colors, while darker colors apparently will narrow the space. On the other hand it is already a fact that white and blue colors are considered purity colors. The symbolic and also practical combination for the bathrooms reveals that human perception for white colored sanitary ware but also for light colors in nearby areas and cladding creates the sensation of a larger space. Therefore, natural stone tiles need to have soft colors, especially marble, but also models of granite, travertine or even limestone, need to comply with these requirements, for making the space seem larger. White adhesive is the most suitable adhesive, for light colored claddings. If you use even a light colored adhesive, it will be visible, and will ruin the project. Use white color grout for jointed claddings, thus extending the space as well. A subway layout with white color and joint grouted looks impressive, with the apparently larger space. The attraction towards light colors is influenced by the finish, which can be of many types, yet the polish finish highlights it better. Nevertheless, polished finish needs aftercare, since there is always the risk of surface staining in bathrooms. The lazy shades of calcarous stones such as limestone and travertine, the soft shades of marble and the most solid of granite, with small size tile claddings gives the feeling of space and creativity in your bathroom, blending privacy and comfort.



Surface treatment is essential for narrow bathrooms. The small and crowded spaces makes aftercare difficult. Therefore, surface treatment when cladding is recommended. The first stage means surface washing and residue cleaning after installation. In this tage, professional cleaners need to be used. The second phase include surface waterproofing also with professional waterproofing solutions. For joint protection and prevention of fungi development, special treatment includes a professional joint detergent and a specific waterproofing solution. The final stage include aftercare solutions for preserving the initial appearance of surfaces. Their aftercare is needed on a constant basis and consists of washing with specific solutions or restoring surface treatment.


PIATRAONLINE recommends the use of light colored marble tiles and travertine for narrow bathrooms claddings. These convey new dimensions into the space, emphasizing the style of bathroom sanitary objects.


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How to decorate a narrow bathroom? Interior Design Tricks
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