Prepare for winter with bright, light colored materials

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Prepare for winter with bright, light colored materials

Refresh your home for the gloomy days of winter with lovely colored natural stone: terrazzo, travertine, natural stone mosaics. Maybe you never heard of terrazzo and other materials used for home decoration but now it is time to discover them, especially if you want to keep up with the latest trends.

Every year we want a more fantastic look for our residences and lately homeowners have more redecoration projects with natural materials, for bringing a brighter, warmer and friendlier air into their living space.

Here are some materials that will dismiss the bad mood caused by autumn rain, mud and short winter days. These are all natural materials that convey a lovely holiday air into your residence.

Oriental terrazzo, a material that transforms even the most boring residence into a point of attraction
Terrazzo is quite fresh on the market for decoration and design in Romania. And although is not familiar to many people, it is gaining popularity among customers. Terrazzo is a stone used for giving a touch of color into your living space, while cheering up and highlighting the beauty of interior design. Actually, terrazzo represent handmade colored decorative tiles with oriental geometrical patterns and having cement as ingredient. The aspect of terrazzo is preserved fresh and dynamic even with the pass of time, being recommended for living room walls, flooring or for a kitchen countertop. As a result, your residence develops a more cheerful and authentic look. So, when the weather is gloomy outside, your house decorated with terrazzo will refresh and brighten the atmosphere immediately.

Natural stone illuminates your winter
Seasons with more free time, such as summer with a month of holiday is when you could change something in your house, although if it’s about a little corner. Our recommendation includes materials that look dynamic for bringing optimism and color into your residence. Yellow, Peach or Scabas travertine are natural stone tiles that, thanks to their yellow shades and regardless of finish, will remind you of the pleasant summer sun. You can use them for wall cladding and flooring, and as countertops, window sills, window framings etc. Do you want to “play” on smaller surfaces?

You can try Natural Stone Mosaics: Noce / Classic / Yellow Mix Travertine Splitface Mosaic, Scabas Travertine Honed Wicker Mosaic, Rodon Marble Polished Pyramid Mosaic, Honey Onyx Polished Pyramid Mosaic. With the help of these unusual mixes, your residence will feel like a permanent vacation, highlighting color together with natural materials and energy that can only be found in nature, in the middle of summer.  Taking into consideration the amazing combination capacity of these stones, you will find out that you can test many decoration designs inspired by summer, even in … the middle of winter.

For further details on choosing the stone best suited to your project, give us a call at +40318 222.333 or better visit our showroom from 137 A Aleea Teisani, District 1, Bucharest to see the concept spaces!

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