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Scandinavian style in interior design promotes simplicity and peace of mind. The first rule to keep in mind is using natural materials and organic textures with mild hues. Nordic style interiors promotes minimalism and conveys personal touch and intimacy. Typical features include exclusive use of functional elements with no adornments in combination with aerated spaces (lots of white and focus on space optimization), usually inducing intimacy.

Light colors and pastel shades create a calm and relaxed feeling associated with this design. It is used a lot of white, latte, buttercream, shades of beige and cream, grey but also subtle hues of light green, turquoise or burgundy. The dominant color brings fresh accents into the white background, but keep in mind to use it with moderation for maintaining the Nordic touch into your decoration project.

Use natural materials (wood and decorative natural stone) for obtaining a casual and personal look. Wood borrows vintage accents, from a furniture with particular finish, from decoration elements or from antique and unpolished furniture, the last two being perfect for warming up an interior rated as too conventional and for imagining a more personal story. Interior plants become color splashes for animating your decoration project, yet respecting the rules of natural materials and soft color shades.

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Natural stone flooring is a good solution if you want to keep a Scandinavian touch into your interior design. For this project choose marble with sweet shades, such as Sunny Marble, Latte Travertine (with a look that promotes the fresh story of the interior) and also single color oriental terrazzo, with simple geometrical pattern for an amazing effect, as insertion into the wood flooring. You can also choose a Silver Cross Cut Tumbled Travertine Flooring, if you consider using lots of grey into your Scandinavian design project.

Depending on your specific setting, your kitchen can have a wall cladded with natural stone mosaic and white or cream color (available in many finishes, such as polished, tumbled and splitface).

Another way for integrating natural stone into this setting is a decorative wall – either for bedroom or living room – an element that will continue this game of simple lines, presented below.

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One possible explanation for using white as dominant color into this interior design is the fact that due to geographical location, Nordic people have few opportunity to see natural light. So, illumination of such a space is very important and this is attained by tall lamps, floor lamp and wall-mounted lamps for better illumination of living space. Keep in mind to use light or transparent curtains for allowing natural light to highlight the room’s simple shapes.

Textile and patterns
The used materials include lots of linen, cotton, wool and others natural texture but also many textiles (couch cover, small rugs, curtains, pillowcases etc.). These materials can have geometrical prints, yet without being too conspicuous.    

For further details on choosing the stone best suited to your project, call us at +40 318.222.333 or better visit our showroom to see the concept spaces!

Scandinavian Interior Design
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