Natural stone can sing. The art and concerts of Pinuccio Sciola.

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Natural stone can sing. The art and concerts of Pinuccio Sciola.

Pinuccio Sciola (1942-2016) studied in Cagliari and Florence and although he traveled all over the world, he always returned to his native Sardinia from where he collected his rocks. He cut the stones vertically in different sizes and by rubbing them with his hand or with smaller stones he managed to create sound from the lifeless matter. Some of his music sounds like metal, wood or even the human voice.

„All I did was release the stone’s voice. It was always there, just that no one ever noticed.” (Pinuccio Sciola)

”Stone is the memory of the universe” the artist once said. You can listen to its surprising music in the video below. Notice that it resembles the sounds captured in space by the biggest telescopes.

The result of his creations has fascinated both artists and musicians all around the world. And his unconventional music instruments are used in concerts alongside conventional instruments.

”I think that searching for the meaning of rocks and listening to their silence is as strong and emotion as that generated by listening to the sound stone can create from its interior silence” (Pinuccio Sciola)

Natural stone instruments next to classical instruments

The Italian artist’s vibrant sandstone, limestone, granite and trachyte sculptures are part of art exhibitions all around the world. Sciola’s creations prove that stone still has surprises to offer after tens of thousands of years of being used for different purposes.

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