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Qatar's National Museum by Jean Nouvel becomes the new Desert Rose

publicat in: Uncategorized // Publicata pe 13.02.2018

Nature, with its many forms, was always a source of inspiration for architects, regardless of time period. Vegetal or mineral structures were the model of many buildings around the world. The world's architecture becomes spectacular once more with the planned opening of the Qatar National Museum building in Doha, at the end of this year. The model for this impressive architectural creation is the Desert Rose. The Desert Rose is a strange, semiprecious stone, resulting from combining crystals clusters of gypsum or barite with sand grains.


Desert Rose is considered a treasure and a national symbol, because these mineral formations can be found in the vast desert areas of Qatar, often covered. Both locals and tourists frequently conduct desert quest to find and bring to light those dense stone flowers. Though it seems extremely delicate in its extremely complex form, Desert Rose is a very resistant stone, with exceptional attributes, which will be considered later.

The Desert Rose Petals are found in the museum structure in the shape of roofs that, as discs, are tilted at different angles, in a random design that allows the presence of many terraces. With variable volumes and no one-point perspective, this system of buildings looks beautiful and impressive from all sides. The museum is built around the palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al-Thani, a palace that serves as both his residence and government office building for 25 years.

Jean Nouvel, the French architect of this futuristic shape complex, is one of the most prized and award-winning architects in the world, with large and important buildings in portfolio, such as Doha Tower, the iconic building for which he received the "Best Tall Building Worldwide Award" from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, the Agbar Tower in Barcelona, the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, the Branly Museum in Paris, Philharmonie de Paris, Copenhagen Concert Hall (DR Koncerthuset) and others.

All of Jean Nouvel's creations are different, excelling by shape and functionality. Based on this portfolio, international recognition did not took too long and in 2008 is awarded the Pritzker Award, the world's highest award in the field of architecture.


The National Museum of Qatar will be located within a complex stretching over an area of 1,500,000 square meters and will be the first building noticed by visitors on their way from the airport to the city. The interior space of the museum has 430,000 square meters and is structured on secondary areas developed around a center, yet each area has its own center.

The complex will include exhibition areas, a 220 seats auditorium, two restaurants, two shops, a research center and laboratories, a natural park, cafes. It is interesting to note that, unlike most famous buildings in the world, the museum's design rejects symmetry and stakes, aesthetically and functionally, on the "imbalance" of shapes, replicating exactly the random geometry, nature’s foundation for creating the Desert Rose.

"The purpose of this building is to connect the present with the past of the emirate. The setting of this place will allow dialogue between national collections and films directed by famous directors, all of which will keep the galleries of the museum full of life. The museum will also offer visitors the chance to discover live the most remarkable places in Qatar, which they can then compare with the experience of art and film collections" (Jean Nouvel, orldarchitecture.org)

Until now, we have proposed examples of buildings made from different types of natural stone surprising by its shape, color and texture. This architectural complex once again demonstrates the unlimited natural stone benefits of the Desert Rose - a model of a national museum.

As this museum, with such an atypical and daring shape, is in Qatar it speaks for itself about the opening of modern art in certain countries of the Near East, among which Dubai is perhaps the best-known example with its imposing buildings.

The semiprecious stone, Desert Rose is rare in Romania, and one of these places is PIATRAONLINE. Beseide its unique beauty (when used as design object), the Desert Rose seems to have also therapeutic qualities due to its special energy. Thus, it can increase focus, help in finding inspiration and calm, stimulates libido and hormone production in certain organs, clean emotional blocks, develops telepathic capabilities (only for the gifted ones) etc.

Desert Rose is a truly unique stone, born in a unique environment, inspiring, here, a unique architectural creation.

Jean Nouvel

Photo sources: worldarchitecture.org, dohanews.com, gehrytech.com, qm.org.qa, wikipedia.org

Qatar's National Museum by Jean Nouvel becomes the new Desert Rose
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