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We can help you if you need countertops, stairs, window sills, ovens and garden barbecues, sinks and shower trays, cut-to-size tiles and also processing services.


Our offer for kitchen countertops includes many types of granite, marble, travertine and limestone. Of all these materials, granite countertops are the most durable. The essential selection standards are: size (3 cm thickness for all countertops), density, compression strength, bending stiffness (less important due to 3 cm thickness), porosity, associated with water absorption and color. Here are the main features of each type of granite for countertops:


1. BLACK GALAXY – density 2900 kg/sqm, water absorption 0.03% and compression strength 24 kg/sq mm; the best PIATRAONLINE material for countertops. Besides the superior quality it has the perfect color for luxury kitchens.


2. EXTRA BLUE – density 2700 kg/sqm, water absorption 0.18%, compression strength 24 kg/sq mm and a beautiful deep blue color. This is a high-quality material that will allow safe cuts, has minimal chance of cracking and is safe for transport and installation.


3. TAN BROWN – density 2700 kg/sqm, water absorption 0.15%, compression strength 17 kg/sq mm. This is a special quality material, therefore TAN BROWN granite countertops will be elegant and safe in any kitchen.


4. IMPERIAL RED – density 2650 kg/sqm, water absorption 0.05-0.15% and compression strength 21 kg/sq mm; a material that withstands extreme operating conditions as kitchen countertop (public areas – restaurants, cafeterias etc.).


5. ROSA PORRINO – density 2600 kg/sqm, water absorption approximately 0.3% and compression strength of about 15 kg/sq mm. A beautiful material, suitable for elegant kitchens.  


6. FANTASTICO JUPARANA – a subtle granite, density 2570 kg/sqm, absorption 0.2%, and compression strength 15 kg/sq mm. This is a countertop for projects with amazing colors.


7. PEACH RED – density 2550 kg/sqm, water absorption 0.4% and compression strength 12.7 kg/sq mm. A countertop with a very pleasant color and matching qualities.


8. PADANG DARK – density 2800 kg/sqm, water absorption 0.3% and compression strength 24 kg/sq mm, a high-quality granite for a hard and durable countertop.


9. FANTASTICO GOLD – density 2600 kg/sqm, water absorption 0.3% and compression strength 11 kg/sq mm, a granite slightly less resistant to compression, yet very nicely coloured.


10. ROCK STAR – density 2500 kg/sqm, water absorption 0.3% and compression strength 14 kg/sq mm. A beautiful granite, for a high-quality countertop.


Keep in mind that granite usually has a thermal expansion coefficient between 0.0000079 and 0.000084 m/(m K), so a very small variation in thermal shocks. It also has a very good bending stiffness (important for cut-outs), enhanced by 3 mm thickness of any PIATRAONLINE countertop.


Analysing these data, the best recommendation for stylish kitchens is BLACK GALAXY.  The features of EXTRA BLUE and ROCK STAR makes them ideal for public areas while FANTASTICO GOLD is a smart and reliable solution for residential kitchens, just like PEACH RED.


For countertops refreshed by cladding we propose TAN BROWN, FANTASTICO JUPARANA and IMPERIAL RED as the most durable, also with a special color. PADANG DARK is very durable, also in terms of color, with minor color variation. ROSA PORRINO has an exotic look and is suitable for residential kitchen.

Tips for choosing granite countertop colors
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